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The Tenrikyo Resource Wiki (TRW)'s purpose is to centralize all information on the Tenrikyo Teachings, history, and information to this wiki and share it all on the web. By having the Teachings easily accessible, we hope to promote advanced study of the Teachings, gather the strength of followers, and move forward in the progress of our spiritual maturity.

Please help contribute to adding information about Tenrikyo.

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  • God the Parent (Oyagami-sama)
  • Moon-Sun (Tsukihi)

Miki Nakayama (Oyasama)

Izo Iburi (Honseki) Honseki - Izo Iburi.jpg


(Spiritual and administrative head of Tenrikyo)



The Three Scriptures

Tenrikyo Church Headquarters

Tenrikyo organizations



Notable Followers

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Basic teachings

Annual Events & Activities

Date Event Japanese
January 1 New Year’s Day Service 元旦祭 Gantansai
January 5 to 7 Sechi Festival お節会 O-Sechi
January 26 Spring Grand Service (aka January Grand Service) 春季大祭 Shunki Taisai
April 18 Oyasama Birth Celebration Service 教祖御誕生祭 Oyasama go-tanjosai
April 29 (date varies on location) Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day 全教一斉ひのきしんデー Zenkyo issei hinokishin de
July 26 to August 4 Children's Pilgrimage to Jiba こどもおぢばがえり Kodomo o-Jibagaeri
September 28 to 30 Tenrikyo Nioigake Day にをいがけデー nioigake de
October 26 Autumn Grand Service (aka October Grand Service) 秋季大祭 Shuki Taisai


Other major events

  • International Hinokishin Corps (July 18th to 24th, held every 3 years with exception of Oyasama's anniversaries on which the event is held regardless)

Getting Started

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