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Oyasato Seminar or OS (in Japanese, おやさと練成会 oyasato renseikai) is a program that began in 1984[1], which is "geared toward transmitting the faith to mainly high-school-age participants who are to shoulder the tasks of the overseas mission"[2] at the Jiba (Tenri-shi, Japan). The Oyasato Seminar English Course has three courses: Course 1 in Jiba, Course 2 at your nearest mission headquarters, and Course 3 in Jiba once again.

Originally, this program was launched "to nurture successors of the faith living outside Japan."[1]

This program is held in 5 different languages English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean.[2] However, the courses not in English, do not have three courses like the English Course does. Nor are some of the languages held every single year.[3]




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