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The Tenri Forum 2006 logo by Fred Hasegawa
Tenri Forum commemorative photo of all speakers and participants. Taken on July 17, 2006.

The Tenri Forum 2006 was a large, three-day gathering of English-speaking Tenrikyo followers, sponsored by the Overseas Department of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters on July 15, 16, and 17, 2006; the year of Oyasama's 120th Anniversary. The forum consisted of 26 sessions by 67 speakers. It was held in South Right Wing 2 of the Oyasato-yakata building complex located in Tenri City. The Yoki Hall (Joyous Hall) on the fourth and fifth floors South Right Wing 2 was used for the opening session, plenary addresses, and the concluding event, the public symposium.

The description of the forum found on the commemoration DVD case, on the back of the Tenri Forum 2006: New Frontiers in the Mission book, and on the website:

Growth and change: these are aspects of life that come naturally over time. Have we grown and changed sufficiently to spread the teachings for this new age and era? Tenri Forum 2006 is an international gathering of minds brought together for the purpose of discussing ways to expand the path into a new frontier. English speakers of the Tenrikyo faith are being called upon from around the world to propose and reflect upon new and innovative ways to broaden the path of Tenrikyo.
Tenri Forum 2006 is designed to ignite a new and modern missionary spirit. Society has made quantum leaps in terms of technology and progress. Unfortunately, many issues and problems still plague our communities. In order to develop new avenues to advance the path of salvation in our communities and throughout the world, we need your perspectives. We need your experiences. But most importantly, we need your participation. We all have something special to contribute to this path. We all have a responsibility towards this path. Regardless of your experience or knowledge of Tenrikyo, we invite you to join us in advancing the path of Tenrikyo towards new frontiers in the mission.

Rev. Masahiko Iburi said, in a message to the steering committee:

Continuity is important
Continuation is power

His message was regarding the missionary work in spreading the teachings of Tenrikyo around the world.

Tenri Forum 2006: New Frontiers in the Mission

Front cover of the Tenri Forum 2006: New Frontiers in the Mission book.

The contents of this article describe this event based off of the Tenri Forum 2006: New Frontiers in the Mission book published in 2008. The book contains compiled speeches and summaries of the discussions held during this event.


Day One

Date: July 15, 2006
Theme: Our Resources: Toward a Better Understanding of Ourselves
Day 1 of Tenri Forum 2006 Commemoration DVD. Narration by Yuji Okui

Opening Session

Download: Tenri_Forum_2006_0_1a.pdf [12.6MB] Foreword, Table of Contents, Greetings, Day One Photos, Welcome Address, What I Expect from the Forum

  • Welcome Address by Takaharu Ichise
  • "What I Expect from the Forum" by Amira Dali
  • "What I Expect from the Forum" by Simon Patterson

Morning Session: Fundamental Resources

Download: Tenri_Forum_2006_1_1a.pdf [630Kb] Day One Morning Session

  • 1-1 Plenary Address
    • The Value of Our Fundamental Resources: A Testimony by Louise Sasaki (p. 13)
  • 1-1-1 Tenrikyo Scriptures
    • The Mikagura-uta by Hiroshi Fukaya (p. 23)
    • Osashizu by Tsunenori Ichise (p. 32)
    • Section Summary Report organized by Takayuki Onoue (p. 46)
  • 1-1-2 The Service
    • The Service Requires Our Faith and Our Faith Requires the Service by Motokiyo Fukaya (p. 49)
    • Performance of the Service Everyday Brings Joy of Life by Shinichiro Tsuji (p. 54)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 64)
  • 1-1-3 The Sazuke
    • Toward the Next Milestone by Masafumi Adachi (p. 69)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 84)
  • 1-1-4 The Truth of Origin
    • A Brief Introduction to the Truth of Origin by Masaharu Matsuda (p. 88)
    • The Truth of Origin as Metaphor: To Understand and Implement It by Motonao Yasui (p. 100)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 107)
  • 1-1-5 The Divine Model of Oyasama
    • A Universally Relevant Model Here and Now by Motohiro Fukaya (p. 109)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 110)
  • 1-1-6 Hinokishin
    • Power of Hinokishin by Sachie Yamanaka (p. 112)
    • Significance of Hinokishin by Chikara Iburi (p. 116)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 120)

Afternoon Session: Applying the Resources

Download: Tenri_Forum_2006_1_2a.pdf [2.73MB] Day One Afternoon Session

  • 1-2 Plenary Address
    • The Localization of Tenrikyo by Marlon Okazaki (p. 125)
  • 1-2-1 Educating the Young
    • Tenri Youth Activities in Korea by Woosik Jeong (p. 148)
    • Education for Youth in Honriyo Grand Church by Kazunori Irie (p. 150)
    • Nurturing the Young in Koga Grand Church by Joann Yamada (p. 153)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 156)
  • 1-2-2 Cultivating Leadership
    • Future Leaders from a Broad Spectrum by Masahito Kimura (p. 158)
    • Tenrikyo Programs that Cultivate Leadership by Edward Kondo (p. 165)
    • Oyasama's Divine Model: A Proven Way to Motivate and Retain Leadership by Hinao Nagao (p. 172)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 184)
  • 1-2-3 Producing Local Publications and the New Media
    • Expressing Religious Messages Through Computer Mediated Communication by Masahiko Okada (p. 186)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 190)
  • 1-2-4 Spreading the Fragrance of the Teachings
    • Let's Do Nioigake by Kenneth Hasegawa (p. 193)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 203)
  • 1-2-5 Preaching the Sermon
    • Preaching the Right Sermon at the Right Time by Saburo Morishita (p. 205)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 210)
  • 1-2-6 Talking about Tenrikyo Spirituality
    • The Universality of Tenrikyo: Access and Equality as Viewed Through a Unique Doctrine by Marguerite Meyer (p. 214)
    • Quickly Try the Pondering by John Lewis (p. 224)
    • Ways of the Minds by Yoshihiko Shirokihara (p. 234)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 244)

Day Two

Date: July 16, 2006
Theme: Our Social Ties: Reaching Out to Others
Day 2 of Tenri Forum 2006 Commemoration DVD. Narration by Yuji Okui

Morning Session: Individual Relationships

Download: Tenri_Forum_2006_2_1a.pdf [12.1MB] Day Two Morning Session, Day Two Photos

Rev. Owen Nakao speaking for Day 2 Morning Session Plenary Address.
  • 2-1 Plenary Addresss
    • Human Relationships and Faith: Enhancing Relationships with the Teachings by Owen Nakao (p. 251)
  • 2-1-1 Human Sexuality
    • Human Sexuality and Scriptures: A Theoretical Perspective by Midori Horiuchi (p. 259)
    • Examining Our Path: Human Sexuality by Takahiko Hayashi (p. 268)
    • The Question of Tenrikyo: Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony by Robert Kokuryo (p. 280)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 287)
  • 2-1-2 Husband and Wife
    • Marital Communication and Marital Satisfaction by Tamio Kinoshita (p. 290)
    • Husbands and Wives by Daisuke Kitamura (p. 293)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 298)
  • 2-1-3 Family and Faith
    • The Tenrikyo Faith Changed My Life by Stacy Takahashi (p. 301)
    • Handing Down of Tenrikyo Faith from My Parents, Then to My Children by Scot Mikuni (p. 305)
    • Nioigake within a Family Relating to Non-Tenrikyo Member(s) in a Family by Motomasa Murayama (p. 313)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 320)
  • 2-1-4 Ties within the Church Community
    • Strengthening the Bonds of the Church Community by Colin Saito (p. 322)
    • Church: A Place to be Closer to God by Haruo Nakagoshi (p. 330)
    • It's All about Relationships: Human Connections at the Heart of Relating to God and the Church Community by Koji Uesugi (p. 335)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 340)
  • 2-1-5 Friends, Neighbors, and Co-Workers
    • My Experience of Spreading the Fragrance of the Teachings by Keiichi Ogawa (p. 344)
    • The Challenges in Spreading the Teachings in Mexico by Sadayori Ohno (p. 347)
    • Mutual Help and Respect as a Means to Spread the Fragrance of the Teachings by Roberto Watanabe (p. 349)
    • Community-based, Family-based, and Faith-based Mindset by Makoto Tanno (p. 353)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 357)

Afternoon Session: Community Ties

Download: Tenri_Forum_2006_2_2a.pdf [5.62MB] Day Two Afternoon Session

  • 2-2 Plenary Address
    • Connecting with the Teachings, Connecting with the Community by Jiro Morishita (p. 369)
  • 2-2-1 The Aged and the Afflicted
    • The Aging World by Audrey Suga-Nakagawa (p. 383)
    • Helping Those with Physical Problems in Our Community by Setsumi Saltman (p. 386)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 391)
  • 2-2-2 Conflict and Violence in the Community
    • Educational Information on the Dangers of Methamphetamine Abuse by Glenn Honda (p. 392)
    • Conflict as an Opportunity for Our Spiritual Growth by Yoshimichi Iwamoto (p. 398)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 403)
  • 2-2-3 Volunteer Work and the Community
    • Volunteer Work in the Community by Michael Yuge (p. 406)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 411)
  • 2-2-4 Bridging Cultural Gaps in the Church and Community
    • My Path to Tenrikyo Faith by Kenneth Black (p. 413)
    • New Challenges of the Brazilian Mission by Augusto Tanaka (p. 417)
    • Focusing on the Best of Japanese-ness by Simon Patterson (p. 428)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 434)
  • 2-2-5 Tenrikyo Church and Other Religions in the Community
    • The Growth of Protestantism in Brazil by Masanobu Yamada (p. 436)
    • Protestant Precariousness in Post-Christian Europe by Naruhito Takeuchi (p. 443)
    • Protestantism in India by Aishiwarya Sugandhi (p. 459)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 467)

Day Three

Date: July 17, 2006
Theme: Our Roles: Toward Making A Difference in the World
Day 3, Part 1 of 2 of Tenri Forum 2006 Commemoration DVD. Narration by Yuji Okui

Morning Session: The Role of Tenrikyo in the World

Download: Tenri_Forum_2006_3_1a.pdf [11.6MB] Day Three Photos, Day Three Morning Session, Regional Meetings

  • 3-1-1 Tenrikyo and Its Response to Medical Technology
    • Tenrikyo and Organ Transplantation by Mikio Obayashi (p. 475)
    • The Beginning of Life, the End of Life by Chiaki Shiozawa (p. 484)
    • Organ Transplantation and Tenrikyo's Challenge in the Future by Tamio Kinoshita (p. 491)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 497)
  • 3-1-2 Tenrikyo and Its Contribution to World Peace
    • The Tenrikyo Teaching and War and Peace by Toshiaki Komatsuzaki (p. 499)
    • Tenrikyo's International Network for Mutual Help by Tomoyuki Itakura (p. 505)
    • Tenrikyo and Interreligious Gatherings by Noriaki Nagao (p. 509)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 513)
  • 3-1-3 Tenrikyo and Its Promotion of Cultural Activities
    • About Spreading Japanese Culture by Ronnie Seldin (p. 515)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 518)
  • 3-1-4 Tenrikyo and Its Approach to the Environment
    • The Environment, Within the Body of God the Parent by Cedric Noto (p. 520)
    • For the Joyous Life: Environment Conservation Activities of Love Green by Amira Dali (p. 531)
    • Taking Cues from Oyasama's Divine Model in Creating an Environmentally Conscious Culture by Roy Forbes (p. 537)
    • Section Summary Report (p. 548)

Regional Meetings

Future plans for the Hawaii congregation.
  • Asia (p. 552)
  • Africa/Europe/Oceania (p. 555)
  • USA Northern California/Northwest/Canada (p. 559)
  • USA East Coast/Midwest/South (p. 561)
  • USA Southern California (p. 564)
  • Hawaii (p. 568)
  • Latin America (p. 571)
  • Japan (p. 573)

Public Symposium

Download: Tenri_Forum_2006_3_2a.pdf [498Kb] Public Symposium, Panel Discussion, Words of Encouragement

  • 3-2-S New Frontiers in the Mission: Retrospect and Prospect
    • Tenrikyo's Influence on Global, Social, and Economical Improvements by Yoshihiro Nakamura (p. 579)
    • World Expansion of Tenrikyo by Nobuyuki Takeuchi (p. 589)
    • Deepen Our Faith and Unite Our Minds to Fulfill the Goal of God the Parent and Oyasama by Toshikiyo Yukimoto (p. 596)
    • Summary of Questions and Answers in the Panel Discussion (p. 601)
    • Words of Encouragement by Masahiko Iburi (p. 605)

Impressions & Follow Up

While the Forum was a great success and gave participants a fire in their spirits, there were no events that followed the Forum immediately.

Day 3, Part 2 of 2. Interviews on impressions of the forum and closing.
  • On September 15, 2007, the domain tenrikyology.com has been registered[1] for Roy Forbes after his active participation of the Tenrikyo Forum website. His website, Tenrikyology, contains many translated Tenrikyo texts and insights not available in print.
  • An initiative from the Overseas Department has lead to the Tenrikyo Hawaii Convention 2011; to be held on May 27-30, 2011 in Honolulu, Hawaii. This event has an identical format as the Forum and its location being away from the Jiba is intended to promote taking initiative outside the Jiba. The Overseas Department oversees the operation of this event lead by Tenrikyo followers of Hawaii.

Steering Committee

  • Yoshikazu Terada (Chairperson)
  • Takaharu Ichise (Administrative Director)
  • Motoharu Fukaya
  • Motokiyo Fukaya
  • Fred Hasegawa
  • Takahiko Hayashi
  • Ikuo Higashibaba
  • Chikara Iburi
  • Tomoyuki Itakura
  • Masaharu Matsuda
  • Saburo Morishita
  • Hinao Nagao
  • Moses Nakao
  • Owen Nakao
  • Craig Nishio
  • Masahiko Okada
  • Hiroko Okazaki
  • Yoshinori Onishi
  • Takayuki Onoue
  • Katsumi Shimada
  • Shinichiro Tsuji
  • Masanobu Yamada
  • Sayaka Yamaguchi
  • Shugo Yamanaka
  • Michael Yuge
  • Zen Yukimoto

Speakers of the Forum

67 speakers total

  • Aishiwarya Sugandhi
  • Audrey Suga-Nakagawa
  • Augusto Tanaka
  • Cedric Noto
  • Chiaki Shiozawa
  • Chikara Iburi
  • Colin Saito
  • Daisuke Kitamura
  • Edward Kondo
  • Glenn Honda
  • Haruo Nakagoshi
  • Hinao Nagao
  • Hiroshi Fukaya
  • Jiro Morishita
  • Joann Yamada
  • John Lewis
  • Kazunori Irie
  • Keiichi Ogawa
  • Kenneth Black
  • Kenneth Hasegawa
  • Koji Uesugi
  • Louise Sasaki
  • Makoto Tanno
  • Marguerite Meyer
  • Marlon Okazaki
  • Masafumi Adachi
  • Masaharu Matsuda
  • Masahiko Iburi
  • Masahiko Okada
  • Masahito Kimura
  • Masanobu Yamada
  • Michael Yuge
  • Midori Horiuchi
  • Mikio Obayashi
  • Motohiro Fukaya
  • Motokiyo Fukaya
  • Motomasa Murayama
  • Motonao Yasui
  • Naruhito Takeuchi
  • Amira Dali
  • Nobuyuki Takeuchi
  • Noriaki Nagao
  • Owen Nakao
  • Robert Kokuryo
  • Roberto Watanabe
  • Ronnie Seldin
  • Roy Forbes
  • Saburo Morishita
  • Sachie Yamanaka
  • Sadayori Ohno
  • Scot Mikuni
  • Setsumi Saltman
  • Shinichiro Tsuji
  • Simon Patterson
  • Stacy Takahashi
  • Takahiko Hayashi
  • Tamio Kinoshita
  • Tomoyuki Itakura
  • Toshiaki Komatsuzaki
  • Toshikiyo Yukimoto
  • Tsunenori Ichise
  • Woosik Jeong
  • Yoshihiko Shirokihara
  • Yoshihiro Nakamura
  • Yoshimichi Iwamoto
  • Yuji Okui

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