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Shrine of Tsukihi is the English gloss of Tsukihi no Yashiro 月日のやしろ, a Scriptural term referring to one of the three roles of Oyasama. The term appears in Ofudesaki 6:59 and is used to refer to Oyasama’s role as the primary source of God the Parent’s revelation beginning from lunar 10/26/1838.

In A Glossary of Tenrikyo Terms:

“In Tenrikyo, the term ‘Shrine of Tsukihi’ is used to refer to the seat of God. It was through Oyasama or in Oyasama that God became openly revealed to the human world for the purposes of conveying the divine intention to save humanity and teaching the path that would fulfill that intention.”[1]

Analysis of term


Tsukihi” (Moon-Sun) is a term referring to God the Parent.


“Yashiro” refers to a sacred place where a kami or deity descended.[2] It may be noted that “yashiro” is just one of many terms that can be translated into English as “shrine.” Other terms include hokora, jinja, miya, and mori.

Etymologically speaking, yashiro (屋代) is believed to have originally referred to a temporary structure built for a kami. It appears the meaning of “yashiro” changed accordingly as the concept of kami descending at fixed periods changed to that of one where they were believed to reside permanently in designated structures.[2] [3]

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