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The Memorial Hall of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters (Soreiden 祖霊殿) is a building where Tenrikyo followers pay their respects to deceased predecessors of the faith.

Inside layout

The Memorial Hall has three altar shrines dedicated to three different categories of deceased predecessors.

Previous Memorials at Church Headquarters

The first Memorial at Church Headquarters was located in the north dais of the Place for the Service. In 1888, a ceremonial site was added to the Place of the Service.[1]

At the Taisho Construction, a Memorial Hall building was built between the corridor connecting the Main Sanctuary and Foundress’ Sanctuary.[1] In 1914, Memorial Services on March and September 27 began to be conducted at Church Headquarters.

The present Memorial Hall building was originally constructed as the Foundress’ Sanctuary at the Taisho Construction. The building was made into the Memorial Hall after the construction of the present Foundress’ Sanctuary in 1933.[2]

The Memorial Hall was relocated further to the west in 1964. Additions to surrounding corridors were made then and again in 1978.[1]

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