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Guidance (also “divine guidance”) is the standard gloss for the Scriptural term tebiki てびき. Literally meaning “lead by the hand,” tebiki refers to the notion that illness, troubles, and calamities are not forms of divine punishment but amount to God the Parent’s way of drawing people to the path leading to the Joyous Life. It may be noted that “guidance” is also a common translation of the non-Scriptural term “michibiki” 導き.

Other terms related to tebiki include iken (admonition), michi-ose (road sign), o-teire (care), and yo-muki (call for service).

Although not mentioned anywhere in the publication, tebiki (divine guidance) is a constantly reappearing theme in Anecdotes of Oyasama.

Appearances of “tebiki” in Scripture

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