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This page describes the guidelines in how to write in this wiki.

Citing Sources

As much as possible, please site sources unless you are describing a tip or recommendation in a specific section of the page. Please see the Cite page on how to cite sources.

Use Honbu's Interpretation of the Teachings

The description of the teachings should only describe how it is interpreted by the Church Headquarters (Honbu). The intention of this website is to create conformity within a website of the Tenrikyo teachings and have it collectively make sense.

Tenrikyo Texts on the Wiki

The texts that have been copied straight from the Tenrikyo textbooks on to the wiki can only be edited to add links and to fix blatant grammatical and spelling errors.

Omit "Tenrikyo" from titles

"Tenrikyo" is already implied in all articles on this website, and so it would not be necessary to include it in the titles or names of pages, churches, and other entities. (i.e. use "Pearl Church" instead of "Tenrikyo Pearl Church")

However, there can be some exceptions, such as event titles and other temporary established names. The emission of "Tenrikyo" from titles is just to not overwhelm the index with "T" packed with "Tenrikyo" entries.

Name convention

In order to conform with the publications by Church Headquarters and the Overseas Department, we have decided to have people's names set as "{name} {family name}." For example, "Miki Nakayama" with "Miki" as the first name and "Nakayama" as the family name.