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The Tenri Forum 2016 will be a 2-day event held in Tenri City from July 16th to 17th. The theme of the forum is "Pathways of Salvation: From the World to Jiba." In each of the two-day event, there was an overall theme and each day had 3 sessions with a total of 6 sessions, each with multiple speakers.

The Group Discussion sessions were not necessarily for group discussions, but rather some activities facilitators have set up as Q&A sessions or group activities.

Day 1: Exploring Pathways

Presenters: Rev. Bobby Kokuryo, Rev. Masahiko Iburi

Session I: Initiating Pathways in Paradise

Presenters: Rev. Steven Nakao, Rev. Audrey Suga-Nakagawa, and Kyle Kikuchi

Session II: Sharing Pathways in Learning

Presenter: Yukihito Takeuchi and Yoshiharu Adachi (wasn't present)

Session III: The "Business" of Engaging in Salvation Work

Presenters: Kelly Turner, Satoko Lam, and Keiji Uesugi, and Steven Yukimoto (host)

Open Session for Group Discussion I

Day 2: Promising Pathways

Session IV: A Tenrikyo Response to Substance Abuse: Working in Tandem with Clinical Professionals

Presenters: Rev. Colin Saito and Ben Tadakoro (over Skype)

Open Session for Group Discussion II

This was a improv activity with a set script for participants to play roles and act out scenarios that actually happened in real life.

Session V: Traveling Pathways in Paradise

Presenters: Jennifer Kakitani, Sidney Nakao, Rev. Owen nakao

Session VI: Faith-Based Community Engagement

Presenter: Andrei Sakai, Chetna Shrestha, Rev. Michael Yuge

Closing and Commemorative Picture

Presenter: Rev. Wesley Mikuni and Hinao Nagao

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