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The Autumn Grand Service (Shuki taisai/daisai 秋季大祭), held at Tenrikyo Church Headquarters in Jiba on October 26 each year, commemorates the lunar calendar date of 10/26/1838 when Tenrikyo is considered to have begun. The Autumn Grand Service starts at 8:00 a.m. to commemorate the approximate time when Oyasama was settled as the Shrine of Tsukihi.

The Autumn Grand Service sermon at Church Headquarters is usually delivered by the Shinbashira and usually touches on the circumstances that led to the founding of Tenrikyo. A common theme in these sermons is God’s intention of single-hearted salvation and bringing the Joyous Life to all humankind.

Regional churches conduct their autumn grand services (called October grand services in the southern hemisphere) on designated dates in October. While the service holds the same significance at regional churches as they do at Church Headquarters, an important difference is that whereas a performance of the Kagura Service is included in the Grand Service at Church Headquarters, for grand services held at regional churches or missions, the seated service is performed instead.



According to The Life of Oyasama, Shuji Nakayama’s leg pain began on lunar 10/26/1837.[1] Zenbei and Miki’s desire to bring relief to their son eventually led to the circumstances in which Miki took the place of the female medium during a Shugendo rite meant to heal Shuji.

Go-ennichi and go-meinichi

It is said that early followers gathered at the Residence on the 26th of each month to worship even before Oyasama began teaching the Songs and hand movements of the Service.[2] These service days were called go-ennichi ご縁日 (related day) and go-meinichi ご命日 (anniversary day).[3]

Significant events on 10/26

  • Although it is unclear whether it was intentional or not, it is said that the beam-raising ceremony for the Place for the Service took place on 10/26/1864.[4]
  • The Service was performed daily in 1882 between October 12 and 26 (lunar 9/1–15).[5]

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