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Story of Creation is a gloss of moto hajimari no hanashi 元初まりの話. Also known as kono yo no moto hajimari no hanashi. While a manuscript bearing this later phrase as a title is mentioned in Chapter Nine of The Life of Oyasama[1], the phrase “Moto hajimari no hanashi” is often used to refer to Tenrikyo’s creation story in general.

Tenrikyo’s creation story has also been referred to as the "Ancient Record of the Muddy Waters" (doroumi koki 泥海古記), truth of origin (moto no ri), and sometimes the Divine Record (Koki).[2]

Meaning of “moto hajimari”

“Moto hajimari” literally means “beginning(s) of origin/creation.” “Moto hajimari no hanashi” therefore means “story about the beginnings of origin.”

Appearances of “moto hajimari” in the Osashizu

  • Osashizu 1887-05-06 09:00
  • Osashizu 1889-03-10 B
  • Osashizu 1907-06-06 06:00

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