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The Tenrikyo Hawaii Convention 2011 logo by Grant Inouye

The Tenrikyo Hawaii Convention 2011 (THC 2011) was a three-day gathering of English-speaking Tenrikyo followers that was held on May 28, 29, and 30, 2011 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The event is being co-sponsored by the THC 2011 Committee and the Mission Headquarters of Hawaii while receiving support from the Overseas Department of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters. THC 2011 is a follow-up event to the Tenri Forum 2006 and followed a similar format albeit on a smaller scale.

The following is a excerpt from the official event website:

The convention is a continuation of the Tenri Forum which occurred in 2006, which was a gathering of Tenrikyo English-speaking followers to listen to and discuss the current attitudes and interpretations of the Teachings in their own native language under the following theme:
One World, One Family
– Enriching Our Relationships with Joyous Faith –
We have created a song with this theme, thus we have available a video, lyrics, and a downloadable MP3 to help set the mood for the convention.
As an important gate way to the worldwide mission, let us gather together as cohorts of the joyous path in English-speaking countires to discuss together how to apply the teachings of the path to our various relationships - personal, social, and communal - vis-a-vis God the Parent so as to further strengthen our relationships and to infuse other potential ties with true joy.

Day 1

Theme: Discover

The first day started early in the morning for participants to check in and lead into the THC2011 Opening Ceremony.

Opening Ceremony

Bishop Michihito Hamada of Mission Headquarters of Hawaii spoke a few words before the chair of the convention, Kyle Kawasaki, gave the opening speech full of gratitude to those supporting him and the Steering Committee throughout the planning of the convention and touched on the purpose of the convention.

Regional Updates

  • Hawaii by Burt Iwata
  • United Kingdom by Yuki Takeuchi
  • Australia by Yoshiharu Adachi
  • New York Center by Yuji Okui
  • Kenya by Yoko Sasaki

Joy of Life Workshop

  • Coordinated by Daniel Akemoto

Study of the Service

  • "The Importance of the Service" by Rev. Colin Saito
  • Lecture by Rev. Marlon Okazaki
  • Experiencing the English Singable-Danceable Mikagura-uta by Rev. Tsunenori Ichise

Day 2

Theme: Strengthen

  • Keynote Speaker #1 Micheal DeMattos
  • Keynote Speaker #2 Hajime Turner
  • Elective Courses
    • Reviewing the Sazuke - Rev. Tad Iwata, Rev. Lynn So, Rev. Owen Nakao
    • Joy Workshop - Koji Uesugi
    • Nurturing Our Families Through Faith - Moses Nakao, Rev. Kunishige Ito
    • Experiencing Yorozuyo - Rev. Tsunenori Ichise
    • Modern Day Yoboku - Daniel Higaki
  • Motivational Address by Rev. Masahiko Iburi

Day 3

Theme: Cultivating

  • Commemorative Group Photo
  • Closing Session
  • Closing Ceremony
    • Speech by Rev. Noriaki Nagao (Vice Head of the Overseas Department)

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