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Universal brotherhood is just one of several glosses for the Scriptural term ichiretsu kyodai 一れつきょうだい・一列兄弟(姉妹). Other possibilities include “all people/everyone in the world are brothers and sisters.” This notion is most directly expressed in Ofudesaki 13:43.

Yoshikazu Fukaya explains:

“The teaching ‘All people are brothers and sisters’ is based on the truth that God the Parent, the true Parent, is the source of human life and the root of the world. It tells us that all people throughout the world are truly brothers and sisters as the children of God the Parent. This teaching was not given as an expedient way of thinking to bring about the settlement of all problems. It teaches us the truth about the way things really are.”[1]

Appearances of “ichiretsu (wa) kyodai” in Scripture

  • Osashizu 1887-12-01 C
  • Osashizu 1887 no date Tsukuda B
  • Osashizu 1888-09-12 A
  • Osashizu 1898-05-09 night
  • Osashizu 1898-08-11
  • Osashizu 1899-08-06
  • Osashizu 1902-07-20

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