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Shuyoka is a 3-month spiritual development course held in Tenri City, Nara in which participants engage in Hinokishin activities and take classes that cover The Doctrine of Tenrikyo, The Life of Oyasama, and the Mikagura-uta, practice the service dance and musical instruments. Courses in Japanese are offered every month and English courses are held yearly in March. Courses in other languages such as Thai, Chinese, Nepalese, and Portuguese are either held once a year or every other year.

The age requirement for this course is from age 17 and older. You may also attend the Besseki Lectures to receive the Divine Grant of Sazuke during your attendance of this course.[1]

English Shuyoka Schedule

The schedule for Shuyoka does not change unless otherwise informed.

  • March 27 - Pre-course Introduction
  • March 28 - Student interviews
  • April 1 - Shuyoka begins
  • June 27 - Shuyoka ends

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  1. Shuyoka - Spiritual Development Course Tenrikyo Europe Centre