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Disorder is a common gloss for the Scriptural term sawari 障り. Alternate glosses include “afflict” or “affliction.” Sawari is used as a noun and a verb (occasionally as sawari-tsuku 障りつく). It refers to an affliction of the body, often appearing in the Ofudesaki with the words mi no uchi 身のうち and mi ni 身に.[1]

See also illness.

Appearances of “sawari” in the Ofudesaki

Frequency of “sawari”/“disorder” in the Osashizu

There are too many appearances of sawari in the Osashizu to count. The section covering sawari and its various conjugated forms (i.e., sawaru, sawareba) in the three-volume index to the Osashizu spans 5 pages.[2]


  1. These two phrases merely refer to the physical body.
  2. 『おさしづ索引』 Osashizu sakuin, pp. 978–982 (vol. 2 pp. 108–12).