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Tenrikyo Language Institute (in Japanese 天理教語学院) or commonly abbreviated as TLI is a language institution for foreign and Japanese Tenrikyo followers to learn foreign languages. This institute enables Japanese followers to be prepared to do overseas missionary work and for overseas followers to learn Japanese.

Courses offered

Japanese Language Course

The TLI Japanese Language Course (日本語科) is a 1-year course of studies in the Japanese language for Japan-foreign students with the sole intention for students to learn the Tenrikyo teachings in Japanese and take what they learned back to their home countries.[1]

Course Objectives

*A rough translation of the website[1]

  1. To learn and practice the basic teachings of Tenrikyo.
  2. Have the students make good use of their Japanese language abilities.
  3. Have the students become an instrumental member of their local mission headquarters, mission station, and church.

Oyasato Fusekomi

The Oyasato Fusekomika (親里伏込み, abbr. Oyafuse おやふせ) is a 1-year intensive course on the studies of Tenrikyo teachings.

Other Programs

Shien Program (支援プログラム, abbr. Shienpuro 支援プロ) lit. Support Program - a program for Japanese followers to learn English, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, and other languages.

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