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Mutual help is a common gloss for the Scriptural term tasuke-ai 扶け合い. Another common gloss is “help(ing) one another.” It is often used together with the phrase taigai tate-ai.[1]

A Glossary of Tenrikyo Terms defines mutual help as “conscious and proactive efforts to reach out to and work with others” and explains:

“A prerequisite for implementing mutual help is to keep one’s mind truly focused on helping others be saved while proactively reaching out to and working with others…. Mutual help, or the helping of each other, will not occur if no one takes the initiative to offer help in the first place. If mutual help is to take place, one needs to proactively reach out to help another person. This act will also contribute to the realization of God’s intention for one and all. Moreover, only through interacting with God can one truly reach out to others with one’s mind focused on saving them. In fact, mutual help entails interacting with God and consists in the direct interactions between oneself and others that are grounded in the divine intention. This represents an essential part of the teaching that all humans are brothers and sisters whose Parent is God.” [1]

Appearances/frequency of “tasuke-ai” in Scripture

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