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Song One (Hito Kudari-me 一下り目) is one of the Twelve Songs of the Mikagura-uta. It is said to have been composed by Oyasama in the first lunar month of 1867. There was a time when it was referred as "Chapter One" in English.


Song One
Hito Kudari-me
First, At New Year, the Sazuke of fertilizer: hitotsu Shōgatsu koe no Sazuke wa 一ツ 正月こゑのさづけは
How remarkable it is! yare mezurashii やれめづらしい
Second, Smilingly, being bestowed the Sazuke: nii-ni nikkori Sazuke morotara 二ニ につこりさづけもろたら
How promising it is! yare tanomoshi ya やれたのもしや
Third, Keep the mind of a three-year-old child! san-ni sanzai kokoro o sadame 三ニ さんざいこゝろをさだめ
Fourth, Then, a rich harvest. yottsu yo no naka 四ツ よのなか
Fifth, The providences shall come forth. itsutsu ri o fuku 五ツ りをふく
Sixth, Unlimited abundance everywhere. mutsu mushō ni dekemawasu 六ツ むしやうにでけまわす
Seventh, If you grow and reap whatever you wish, nanatsu nanikani tsukuri toru nara 七ツ なにかにつくりとるなら
Eighth, Yamato will be blessed with a rich harvest. yattsu Yamato wa hōnen ya 八ツ やまとハほうねんや
Ninth, Now come hither and follow Me! kokonotsu koko made tsuite koi 九ツ こゝまでついてこい
Tenth, Then the full harvest will become fixed. tōdo torime ga sadamarita 十ド とりめがさだまりた


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