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Author: Miki Nakayama
Date Published: 1998
Pages: 486 (English ed.)

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Ofudesaki 07:065–72 is a series of verses from the Ofudesaki. The English translation below is the sixth edition translation.
Note: Ofudesaki 07:069 is identical to Ofudesaki 15:082.


What are the thoughts of those within kono tabi no hara miteiru o uchi naru wa このたびの はらみているを うちなるわ
about the baby now conceived? nanto omōte machite iru yara なんとをもふて まちているやら
Never take this to be an ordinary matter. kore bakari hito-nami ya to wa omou na yo こればかり 人なみやとハ をもうなよ
The intention of Tsukihi is profound. nan demo Tsukihi erai omowaku なんでも月日 ゑらいをもわく
It began on the fifteenth day of the third month, kono moto wa roku-nen izen ni san-gatsu no このもとハ 六ねんいぜんに 三月の
six years ago, when I received her. jūgo-nichi yori mukai-torita de 十五日より むかいとりたで
Tsukihi has held her tightly in an embrace until now, sore kara wa ima made Tsukihi shikkari to それからハ いまゝて月日 しいかりと
and to show her quickly is My desire. dakishimete ita hayaku misetai だきしめていた はやくみせたい
Unaware of this, those of you within sore shirazu uchi naru mono wa nani mo kamo それしらす うちなるものハ なにもかも
are thinking of everything as being worldly common. sekai-nami naru yō ni omōte せかいなみなる よふにをもふて
What do you think this talk about? kono hanashi dōyū koto ni omou kana このはなし どふゆう事に をもうかな
It is the prime matter in the beginning of this world. kore ga daiichi kono yo hajimari これが大一 このよはじまり
Hereafter, I shall tell you everything mata saki no michi no yōdai dandan to またさきの みちのよふだい たん/\と
about the conditions in the future path step by step. yorozu no koto o mina toite oku よろづの事を みなといてをく
Her name is Tamae. If you wish to see her quickly, na wa Tamae hayaku mitai to omou nara なわたまへ はやくみたいと をもうなら
thoroughly learn the hand movements which Tsukihi teaches. Tsukihi oshieru tē o shikkari 月日をしへる てゑをしいかり

Note 7:65

This refers to the birth of Tamae Nakayama, Shuji’s daughter.

Note 7:67

This refers to Oshu. See notes for 1:61 and 3:110)

Alternate English translations

Third Edition

With what thought is My family expecting the baby now conceived?

Just this, never take it to be an ordinary event! It is caused by the profound intention of Tsukihi.

I received the life of this one in its previous life one the fifteenth day or the third month six years ago.

Since then, I, Tsukihi, have been embracing her soul tightly. So I wish to show her as quickly as possible.

Unaware of this, My family is taking it all to be a common worldly affair.

What do you think of this talk? This is indeed the first beginning of this world.

I will foretell you step by step about everything which shall happen in this way.

I name it Tamae. If you wish to see her in haste, you should learn correctly the hand-gestures which I, Tsukihi, will teach you.


What are members of My family thinking as they wait for the conceived child to be born?

Do not think that this conception is ordinary. For I, Tsuki-Hi, have an extraordinary intention.

I took the original soul away from this child on the 15th of March, six years ago.

From then until now, I, Tsuki-Hi, have been embracing the child tightly. Now I wish to reveal it to you.

Unaware of this, those close to Me have regarded this revelation as merely mundane.

What do you think of My omnipotence shown in this story? It is the same as revealed in the birth of the world.

Concerning the details of the future path, I shall explain to you all things, step by step.

The child’s name is Tamae. If you want to see it soon, practice the hand-movements that I, Tsuki-Hi, teach.


Ofudesaki chushaku

This section contains translated material that has not yet been subjected to peer-review to check for accuracy and clarity. While the translator(s) have given their best effort to render Japanese text into English, we would like readers to keep in mind that the present translation may require further revising and refining. Any input to improve the present translation is greatly welcomed.

Translator(s): Roy Forbes

7:65–72 *General summary: Shuji’s daughter Oshu passed away six years earlier on 3/15/1870 (lunar). Because Oshu’s soul originally had a deep affinity, Oyagami wanted to quickly bring her to be born at the Original Residence where she had this affinity. While she had been in the tight embrace of Oyagami—who waited for the timely season for her to be reborn—since her passing, these verses anticipated her birth as Shuji’s wife Matsue was conceived with child. Those close to Oyasama who were unaware of this profound intention of Oyagami have been taking this talk lightly as they had not understood its implications. Oyagami knew that the child to be born will be a girl, and named her Tamae. This is proof of Oyagami’s free and unlimited workings. Then, it goes on to say that anyone who wants to see more of these free and unlimited workings to thoroughly learn and perform the hand movements of the Service as taught by Oyagami. (Refer to notes to 1:61 and 3:110)

『おふでさき註釈』、p. 123–4

六五―七二、総註 秀司先生の庶子お秀様は、六年前即ち明治三年三月十五日に出直された。このお秀様の魂は元々深いいんねんがあるので、親神様は早くいんねんある元の屋敷へ生まれ出さしたいと、その魂をしっかりだきしめておられたが、時旬の来るのを待って秀司先生の奥様のまつゑに宿し込まれ、出産せしめられる事を予言せられたもんである。こういう深い親神様の意図を知らぬそばな人々は、深い神意の程を知らず、何事かよく分からぬままに軽く聞き流していたのであるが、親神様には、今度生まれる子供は女の子であることまで分かってあるから、出産前から「たまへ」という名前まで付けて置かれたこれは、親神様のお働きが自由自在である事を実証せられたものである。そして、このような自由自在を見たいと思うならば、親神様の教えられるおつとめの手をしっかり覚えて勧めてくれよ、と、仰せられたのである。(第一号六一及び第三号一一〇註参照。)

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