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Kita Koki manuscript presents an English translation and original contents of this prose version of the Divine Record.

The content below is based on the reproduced text appearing in Koki no kenkyu (pp. 89 to 102). The text, mainly written in the katakana syllabary, has been rendered into hiragana on this page for easier reading.


This section contains translated material that has not yet been subjected to peer-review to check for accuracy and clarity. While the translator(s) have given their best effort to render Japanese text into English, we would like readers to keep in mind that the present translation may require further revising and refining. Any input to improve the present translation is greatly welcomed.

Translator(s): Roy Forbes

At the beginning when neither the world nor human beings existed, there was Cosmic Space-Time alone in a muddy ocean. Cosmic Space (Tsuki-sama) surveyed the landscape and consulted with Cosmic Time (Hi-sama) and embarked on the preparations to create human beings.

From that point, they looked carefully in the muddy ocean and found a uo (fish) and mi (serpent) mixed within. Discerning their natures, they had human faces. The uo refused to comply and was drawn against his will. His face was that of a human and his quality of skin was smooth without scales. He also was called a gigyo (salamander). The mind of Tsuki-sama entered him and he became the seed, called Izanagi-no-Mikoto. Further, the mi had (no) scales, had the quality of human skin, her body was long, and called a white snake. The mind of Hi-sama entered her and she became the seedbed of human beings, called Izanami-no-Mikoto.

Looking elsewhere, there was a fish called a shachihoko. This being was odd and erect. He was drawn, his consent gained, and consumed. Upon discerning the flavor of his nature, he was trained to become the primary male instrument. The mind of Hi-sama entered the white snake. Looking further, there was a turtle. This being had truly strong footing and had strong skin. Upon gaining her consent, she was consumed. Upon discerning her nature, she was trained to become the primary female instrument. They became Kami, husband and wife, known as Izanagi and Izanami. At this moment, this Parent is 84 years of age.

To prepare human beings required various instruments and models. Looking further, there was an eel. Her quality of skin was slippery and upon receiving her, she was used as the instrument of eating, drinking, and elimination. She was called Kumoyomi-no-Mikoto. Further, there was a right-eye flounder. His body was thin. Having gained his consent, he was consumed. Upon discerning the flavor of his nature, he was used as the instrument of breathing. He was called Kashikone-no-Mikoto. Further, the instrument of bones, the erect shachihoko was used as the instrument of bones. He was called Tsukiyomi-no-Mikoto. The aforementioned turtle, she was also used as the instrument of skin and muscle. She was called Kunitokotachi-no-Mikoto.

From that point, loaches became the souls of human beings. Izanagi-sama then took the seeds of 9 hundred million, 99 thousand, 9 hundred and 99 children; they were conceived over 3 days and 3 nights and stayed [in their mother Izanami-sama] for 3 years and 3 months. [Izanami-sama] gave birth in the 7 leagues (ri) between Nara and Hase in Yamato Province over 7 days. [She then] gave birth in the remainder of Yamato Province over 4 days. This is the reason why this area is known as “Kamigata” (the Divine Residence). From that point on [Izanami-sama] gave birth in the three provinces of Iga, Kawachi, and Yamashiro over 19 days. It is for this reason [30 days after childbirth the mother’s] body feels light and [ritual impurity?] departs. [Izanami-sama then] gave birth in the remaining provinces over 45 days. This is the reason why there is [the custom of a mother remaining] 75 days in a birthing room [after childbirth].

These human beings were born 5 bu (about half an inch) tall and inched upward equally, maturing to [a height of] 3 sun (about 3 inches). At that time Izanagi-sama hid himself and the human beings too died. The places where [Izanami-sama] gave birth are shrines. By the divine providence already taught her, the number of children mentioned earlier were conceived in the same womb. [The beings] were born 5 bu tall and inched upward equally to [the height of] 3 sun and 5 bu (about 3 and a half inches) and again all died. The places [Izanami-sama] gave birth the second time are gravesites and cemeteries. Then, in the same womb [Izanami-sama] conceived a third time. [The beings] again were born 5 bu tall and in 99 years equally inched upward [to a height of] 4 sun (about 4 inches). Seeing this, their Parent thought to herself, “At this rate they will become human beings 5 shaku tall (about 5 feet),” smiled, and hid herself. The human beings again died. [The places they were born] the third time are temples and places of worship. These beings were reborn three times and [lived for] 99 years [each time].

From that point on, the seeds of human beings died and were reborn as birds and mammals 8 thousand and 8 times. These beings also all died. All that remained was a single monkey that could imitate a person. The mind of Kunisazuchi-sama entered her. With the providence of the Parent, this monkey gave birth to 5 boys and 5 girls, or 10 children at a time. These children were also 5 bu tall. The places she gave birth are first shrines, second cemeteries, and third temples and are all places we pay our respects.

These beings equally inched upward [in height] to 1 shaku and 8 sun (about 1 foot and 8 inches), whereupon the water and earth separated. They then matured to [the height of] 3 shaku (about 3 feet), whereupon the sky and the earth, ocean and mountains separated until they would be distinguished from one another. Heaven then blessed these beings with food. This is the reason why at age 3[1] human beings begin to speak and develop wisdom. These beings then came upon the lands of the periphery and beyond. From that point on, human beings were born two at a time in the same womb, a boy and a girl. When human beings reached five shaku (about five feet), they were blessed with crops and began to be born from the womb one at a time.

Not knowing this, presently human beings believe their bodies are their own but this mind is mistaken. Our bodies are things borrowed from Kami. These things borrowed include eyes/moisture and warmth. Skin/joining and the bones that form the core [of the body]. Eating/drinking/elimination and breathing. These Kami are the six foundational Kami. These six Kami are Kami that were instruments when human beings were begun.

Tsuki-sama (Moon-Space) provides the moisture of the eyes. As this venerable Kami surveyed the landscape (kunitoko) at the beginnings of origin, this Kami is named Kunitokotachi-no-Mikoto-sama. Hi-sama (Sun-Time) provides the providence of warmth. This venerable Kami became heavy with children (omotate) and became the seedbed for human beings. It is for this reason she is called Omotari-no-Mikoto. These two Kami became the seed and seedbed and are the true Parents.

The one that provides muscle and skin is Kunisazuchi-no-Mikoto-sama. The one that provides the providence of bones is Tsukiyomi-no-Mikoto-sama. Eating, drinking, and elimination is Kumoyomi-no-Mikoto-sama. The one that provides breathing is Kashikone-no-Mikoto-sama. These personages became the instruments at the beginning of origin of human beings and were given sacred names.

The Kami called Otonobe originally was a black snake. Upon discerning his long nature, he became the Kami providing protection for crops and the providence of pulling forth in general. For this reason, this Kami is called Otonobe-no-Mikoto. Further, the one called Taishokuten was a fugu. She gained the providence of cutting. Upon discerning her nature, she was entrusted with the task of cutting all ties including that of death and birth. She is called Taishokuten-no-Mikoto for the reason she provides this protection. These Kami [together] are called the 80 thousand Kami.

Further, on the origin of “Namu Amida Butsu,” “Namu” in our faith is Kunitokotachi-sama and Omotari-sama. In the Buddhist faith they are Amida Sanzonbutsu (trinity of Amitābha) and Mahāsthāmaprāpta. “Ami” in our faith is Kunisazuchi-no-Mikoto-sama and Tsukiyomi-no-Mikoto-sama. In the Buddhist faith they are Samantabhadra and the bodhisattva Hachiman. Further, “da Butsu” in our faith is Kumoyomi-no-Mikoto and Kashikone-no-Mikoto-sama. In the Buddhist faith they are Manjusri and Vairocana Buddha. “Tsu” is Taishokuten-no-Mikoto. In the Buddhist faith, she is Akasagarbha. As for Otonobe-no-Mikoto, in the Buddhist faith, he is Acala.

These Kami discerned the original Jiba 45 years ago since it was the year when the years equal to the number of firstborn human beings at the beginnings of origin had elapsed. This original place is the Residence known as Nakayama in Shoyashiki in the county of Yamabe, Yamato Province. This Jiba is the place of the origin of this world. The minds of Cosmic Space-Time descended swiftly on 10/26 in the 9th year of Tenpo (1838), the year of the rooster.

Manifold forms of salvation are not to be accomplished through medicines or formulas of worship. Wondrous blessings will be made available just through the Kami’s teachings. Among these teachings is to set up the Kanrodai as the proof of the beginning of the world and human beings where neither existed.

There ought to be nothing to be called illness in human bodies. In the world, they call it illness but there is nothing to be called illness, it is a path of the mistaken mind. These paths are likened to dust and are covetousness, miserliness, self-love, hatred, bearing grudges, anger, greed, and arrogance. Because these pile up and accumulate, they appear on human bodies. If we sincerely repent of any of these dusts we believe we have accumulated since the age of 15 and swiftly sweep it away and an entire household together prays to Kami-sama, we can escape any disease or misfortune.

If one were to discuss this in further detail, these dusts can be accumulated between parent and child, brothers and sisters, husband and wife. Further, lies told even among neighbors are included in these eight dusts. If we reform ourselves of these uses of the mind, sincerely repent, and pray with all our might, there will not be any prayer that will go unanswered. Not knowing this, the people of the world wonder what this path is about. This is the cause of the prime regret of Kami-sama.

Further, as proof of revealing this salvation, the Grant of Safe Childbirth eliminates the need to follow the three customs of leaning on a bundle of straw, wearing an abdominal band, and refraining from certain foods. After a mother gives birth, her body is as it is usually is without any ritual impurity. Another proof is the elimination from the need to follow regulations concerning the eight directions. Even if you search the entire three thousandfold world, you will not find another Kami-sama that will free you from these three customs.

At the time of childbirth, the Kami that cuts the ties [between the mother and child] in the womb is Taishokuten. The Kami that pulls [the child out of the womb] is Otonobe-no-Mikoto-sama. After [the child is pulled out], the Kami that enables joining is Kunisazuchi-no-Mikoto-sama. These three Kami are together are called Akken-Myo-O.

Cosmic-Space Time is the same as the skies and the earth. We live in the Parent’s body and borrow our bodies. We believed they were our own but this belief is mistaken. At this time, we should hear this teaching and sincerely believe it to be true and not turn away from it. Although it is said that human beings die, we do not die but return what we borrowed. Not knowing this, why do you think why humans die? This is the cause of Kami’s regret and anger. This regret appears throughout the world. Not knowing this, people believe it to be incurable illnesses.

The matters that are thought to be fearsome and dangerous in the world would not be so if we step into the grounds of the Parent’s Residence of Origin and sincerely lean on the Kami. If everyone in the world, one and all, hears this, they will come to pay respects to the Parental Home. If everyone truly helps one another in all matters, the Kami will also immediately grant salvation.

To our greatest delight, the original Kami are now alive, appearing as human beings. If you doubt this, you will not receive blessings. If you sincerely believe this to be true, doctors, medicines, and formulas of worship will not be necessary. This place is the place to express our indebtedness, and forms of tending and fertilizing. If you ponder this and come to inquire, there will be nothing that you will not know.

No matter how strong, powerful, or clever you may be, you will not be able to stand up against the Parent’s regret. If the entire world forgets greed and equally becomes spiritually uplifted, there will be nothing for the Parent to feel regretful over. It is the single desire of the Parent to have the minds in all nations to be purified and to grant salvation. If we hear this matter in detail, we should quickly act to completely purify our minds as Kami desires.

Further, trees [are governed by] Tsukiyomi-no-Mikoto, fire by Omotari-no-Mikoto, earth by Kunitokotachi-no-Mikoto, metals by Kunisazuchi-no-Mikoto, and water by Kumoyomi-no-Mikoto. These are the five elements. The five earth Kami are Amida-Butsu. The seven sky Kami are Amida-Butsu in addition to Izanagi and Izanami. Although they say we mix the Kami with Buddhism, if we were to use the metaphor of a tree, there are eight branches and one root. Although they say the periphery is extraordinary, this nation is the origin of the world whereas the periphery amount to the ends of branches.



























  1. This would correspond to the Western count of one or two years old.