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Dusts of the Mind
  • anger (haradachi)
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Anger is the standard gloss of haradachi はらだち, one of the eight forms of dust or wrongful uses of mind identified in the Tenrikyo tradition. Not to be confused with divine anger or rippuku.

Although the term haradachi is not explicitly identified as a dust in the Ofudesaki, it does appear in a variant form (hara no tatsu) in verse Ofudesaki 5:23.


There are various explanations of the dust of according to various compilations (toki-wake) written by Tenrikyo followers.

Masaichi Moroi

One of the earliest of these compilations may be Masaichi Moroi’s, which describes anger as follows:

The dust of “anger” includes becoming angry just because someone has said something one finds disagreeable or because someone has, in one’s own view, done something wrong. Also included is quickly losing one’s temper over some tiny thing simply because one is in a bad mood. All such feelings of anger—which arise from short-temperedness in the absence of a broad and spacious mind or of perseverance—come under the dust of “anger.” [1]

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