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Dusts of the Mind
  • arrogance (koman)
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Arrogance is the standard gloss of koman こふまん (also written as こうまん), one of the eight forms of dust or wrongful uses of mind identified in the Tenrikyo tradition.

Koman is explicitly identified as a dust in verse 3:96 of the Ofudesaki and mentioned in verse 5:30.


There are various explanations of the dust of arrogance according to various compilations (toki-wake) written by Tenrikyo followers.

Masaichi Moroi

One of the earliest of these compilations may be Masaichi Moroi’s, which describes arrogance as follows:

The dust of “arrogance” includes pretending to know what one does not; trying to look superior to others; wanting to force one’s ideas or opinions on others, no matter how unreasonable they are; trying to contradict or oppose others’ ideas or opinions as much as possible; and desiring to obstruct others’ plans. All such states of mind—whether they are haughtiness or stubbornness—as may cause one to be perceived by others as being prideful or egoistic come under the dust called “arrogance.” [1]

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