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Author: Miki Nakayama
Date Published: 1998
Pages: 486 (English ed.)

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Ofudesaki 05:030 is a verse from the Ofudesaki. The English translation below is the sixth edition translation.


Take no short cuts. Have no greed or arrogance chikamichi mo yoku mo kōman nai yō ni ちかみちも よくもこふまん ないよふに
Come out to the single and straight main path. tada hitosuji no honmichi ni deyo たゞ一すぢの ほんみちにでよ

Alternate English translations

Third Edition

Never be tempted by a short cut, avarice or arrogance! Go out to the single and straight main road!


Do not be misled by shortcuts, avarice or arrogance. Enter onto the single and direct path of truth!


Ofudesaki chushaku

This section contains translated material that has not yet been subjected to peer-review to check for accuracy and clarity. While the translator(s) have given their best effort to render Japanese text into English, we would like readers to keep in mind that the present translation may require further revising and refining. Any input to improve the present translation is greatly welcomed.

Translator(s): Roy Forbes

5:30 You will never be able to come out to the true broad path if you rush to see results, seek shortcuts, and become blinded by greed or arrogance. It will do for you to avoid these misuses of the mind and singly devote yourself to the true teaching.

『おふでさき註釈』、p. 76–7


Commentary by Yoshitaro Ueda (2009)

From Michi no dai: Foundation of the Path 35:51

Phrases such as “broad path” and “main path” are related to one another. The verse here instructs people to proceed to the true path. To do so, they should avoid taking short cuts and being greedy or arrogant. In a sense, this, I think, gives us an idea of what it is like to follow the “main path.” The main path is no easy path, as indicated by the phrase “no short cuts.” It is not a path that can be followed in a self-centered way focused on satisfying greedy desires. The word “arrogance” seems to imply that this path is to be followed with a humble attitude, which is the opposite of arrogance. By indicating what the main path is not, the verse encourages people to proceed to the “single and straight main path.”

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