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Author: Miki Nakayama
Date Published: 1998
Pages: 486 (English ed.)

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Ofudesaki 04:055 is a verse from the Ofudesaki. The English translation below is the sixth edition translation.


This is the Residence where I began human beings. ningen o hajime dashi-taru yashiki nari にんけんを はじめだしたる やしきなり
Because of this causality, it is here that I descended. sono innen de ama kudari ta de そのいんねんで あまくたりたで

Alternate English translations

Third Edition

This is the Residence where I created human beings. Because of this Preordination, here I have revealed Myself.


This is the Residence where I first created humanity. Due to that Preordination, I have now descended here.


This section contains translated material that has not yet been subjected to peer-review to check for accuracy and clarity. While the translator(s) have given their best effort to render Japanese text into English, we would like readers to keep in mind that the present translation may require further revising and refining. Any input to improve the present translation is greatly welcomed.

Translator(s): Roy Forbes

Ofudesaki chushaku

4:55 The Jiba is the Home of the Parent where human beings were conceived. I, Oyagami, descended here because of the causality that makes the Jiba the homeland and birthplace of human beings.

*Note: This verse is referring to the Causality of the Jiba. The founding of Tenrikyo occurred at the convergence of this Causality of the Jiba (Residence), the Causality of the Promised Time, and the Causality of Oyasama’s soul.

『おふでさき註釈』、p. 61


註 これ即ち本教にいうぢばのいんねんである。本教の発祥は、この、ぢば、いんねんと旬刻限の理及び、教祖魂のいんねんの三つが一致したところにある。

Commentary by Yoshitaro Ueda (2008)

From Michi no dai: Foundation of the Path 34:50

The verse says that this Residence or Jiba is where humankind was created and where God has, through that causality of origin, “descended,” that is to say, has become openly revealed in the world. This is an important verse. Having descended at Jiba of Origin, God opened the path of single-hearted salvation. It is by surrounding Jiba of Origin that the Kagura Service is performed while representing by hand gestures God’s workings that created humankind, this Service being a prayer for the reconstruction of the world into the Joyous Life World.

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