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Author: Miki Nakayama
Date Published: 1998
Pages: 486 (English ed.)

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Ofudesaki 01:039 is a verse from the Ofudesaki. The English translation below is the sixth edition translation.


Just a word: returning her by the thirtieth of the first month chotto hanashi shōgatsu misoka to hi o kirite 一寸はなし 正月三十日と ひをきりて
is also from the mind of God. okuru mo Kami no kokoro kara to te をくるも神の 心からとて

Alternate English translations

Third Edition

Just a word! It is the intention of God to send her back to her home by the thirtieth of the first month.


Just a warning; it is God’s desire that by January 30th you must send your common-law wife back home.


Sixth edition note

1:39 Shuji was not legally married for many years. He had a common-law wife named Ochie and a son named Otojiro, and they were living together at the Residence. Since this did not accord with the intention of God the Parent, this verse urges that Ochie be sent back to her home.

Ofudesaki chushaku

This section contains translated material that has not yet been subjected to peer-review to check for accuracy and clarity. While the translator(s) have given their best effort to render Japanese text into English, we would like readers to keep in mind that the present translation may require further revising and refining. Any input to improve the present translation is greatly welcomed.

Translator(s): Roy Forbes

1:39 *Note: Shuji was single and was not legally married for a long period of time. He had a common-law wife named Ochie who bore him a son named Otojiro and they both lived with him at the Residence. Both Shuji’s relationship with Ochie and the fact that she bore a child was not in accord with Oyagami’s intention from the very beginning. This verse is urging Shuji to send Ochie back to her parental home.

『おふでさき註釈』、p. 11

三九、註 秀司先生は長年独身で正妻無く、おちゑという内縁の妻があって、音次郎という子まであった。そしてお屋敷に同居せしめておられたが、これは元々親神様の御思召しに添わぬ悪事から始まったものであったからして、このおちゑを実家に帰すようにと仰せられたのである。

Commentary by Yoshitaro Ueda (2008)

From Michi no dai: Foundation of the Path 32:41

1:39 The phrase “Just a word” is often used when God has something important to tell us. The phrase “returning her” refers to returning Shuji’s common-law wife to her maiden home, and the date for returning her is set for “the thirtieth of the first month.” The verse indicates that it is because of God’s profound intention that she will be returned.

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