Ofudesaki 13:092

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Author: Miki Nakayama
Date Published: 1998
Pages: 486 (English ed.)

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Ofudesaki 13:092 is a verse from the Ofudesaki. The English translation below is the sixth edition translation.


At this time, God is openly revealed kono tabi wa Kami ga omote i arawarete このたびハ 神がをもてい あらハれて
and speaks to you freely without restriction. jūyō jizai ni hanashi suru kara ぢうよぢざいに はなしするから

Alternate English translations

Third Edition

This time, I, God, reveal Myself to the fore, and speak to you freely and unrestrictedly.


At this time I, God, reveal Myself to the world and freely expound the truth to everyone.

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