Ofudesaki 09:023

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Author: Miki Nakayama
Date Published: 1998
Pages: 486 (English ed.)

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Ofudesaki 09:023 is a verse from the Ofudesaki. The English translation below is the sixth edition translation.


Step by step, everyone in the world will speak of it. sekaijū mina dandan to yūte aro せかいぢう みなたん/\と ゆうてあろ
When that day comes, your heart will be brightened. sono hi kitareba mune ga hareru de その日きたれば むねかはれるで

Alternate English translations

Third Edition

Thus one by one all people of the whole world shall be filled with admiration. When such a day comes, all regret shall be thoroughly cleared away.


Increasingly, all people worldwide will come to admire Me. When that day arrives, their hearts will be purified.


Ofudesaki chushaku

This section contains translated material that has not yet been subjected to peer-review to check for accuracy and clarity. While the translator(s) have given their best effort to render Japanese text into English, we would like readers to keep in mind that the present translation may require further revising and refining. Any input to improve the present translation is greatly welcomed.

Translator(s): Roy Forbes

9:23 The people of the world will then come to acknowledge My intent and praise its virtue. When that time comes, My (your?) pent-up feelings will finally be cleared away.

『おふでさき註釈』、p. 145


Commentary by Yoshitaro Ueda (2010)

From Michi no dai: Foundation of the Path 38:43

When the day comes when more and more people throughout the world marvel at God, the “heart will be brightened,” which is to say, the regret that has built up in the heart will be cleared away.

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