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Author: Miki Nakayama
Date Published: 1998
Pages: 486 (English ed.)

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Ofudesaki 04:093 is a verse from the Ofudesaki. The English translation below is the sixth edition translation.


What do you think this Service is about? kono Tsutome nani no koto ya to omoteiru このつとめ なにの事やと をもている
It is solely to bring peace to the world and salvation to all. sekai osamete tasuke bakari o せかいをさめて たすけばかりを

Alternate English translations

Third Edition

What do you think this Service is? Through it I will bring peace of mind to the world and thus single-heartedly save all mankind.


What do you think is the purpose of this Service? Your salvation and world peace are My only concern.


Ofudesaki chushaku

This section contains translated material that has not yet been subjected to peer-review to check for accuracy and clarity. While the translator(s) have given their best effort to render Japanese text into English, we would like readers to keep in mind that the present translation may require further revising and refining. Any input to improve the present translation is greatly welcomed.

Translator(s): Roy Forbes

4:93 For what do you think this Service, the Joyous Service, was begun for? I, Oyagami, began this Service from the single desire to completely wash, purify, and save the minds of the people of the world.

『おふでさき註釈』、p. 66


Commentary by Yoshitaro Ueda (2009)

From Michi no dai: Foundation of the Path 34:59–60

Verse 91 referred to an example of miraculous salvation. Here the Ofudesaki tells us that this Service is intended to “bring peace to the world,” the phrase “bring peace to” being a translation of “osamete.” The Japanese verb “osameru” means to settle and stabilize things that are agitated or disturbed or to restore such things to the way they should be. So the verse here is saying that God desires to bring or restore the world to the way it should be. That is what God wishes to see realized.

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