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Naokichi Takai was born in Bunkyu 1 (1861) in Oihara Village, Shiki County, Kawachi Province (currently Oihara, Yao City, Osaka Prefecture) on January 19, 1861. He was the first son of his father, Naoemon, and his mother, Mino.

Takai Naokichi’s parents were Naoemon and Mino. His family was renowned for owning a lot of rice fields and his father was an important person in the village.

In 1880, he moved into the Residence with Yosaburo Miyamori and became one of the first live-in seinen (young men).

When Naokichi was three years old, however, his father Naoemon, passed away suddenly. Thereafter, he was raised by his elder sister, Nao, and her husband, Shogoro.

In 1884, he received the Sazuke of Breath.

He assumed numerous positions of importance as an executive official of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters such as the superintendent of various dioceses.

Mentions in Anecdotes of Oyasama

Title Title (ja) Page
70. Threshing Wheat 七〇 麦かち 60
119. Children Returning from Afar 一一九 遠方から子供が 98
130. Fine Dust 一三〇 小さな埃は 107
131. On the Side of God 一三一 神の方には 107
132. To Be Eaten Deliciously 一三二 おいしいと言うて 108
151. Grant for Safe Childbirth 一五一 をびや許し 123
173. All Days are Lucky Days 一七三 皆、吉い日やで 138
195. Thank You for Your Trouble 一九五 御苦労さま 153