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Anecdotes of Oyasama
Anecdotes of Oyasama.jpg
Author: Various authors
Date Published: 1976
Pages: 159 (English ed.)

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Anecdotes of Oyasama 20 presents the contents of "Birth of a Girl," a selection from Anecdotes of Oyasama, published by Tenrikyo Church Headquarters in 1976. The content below appears between page 14 and 15 of the print edition.

Text: English translation and original Japanese

20. Birth of a Girl

Early in March 1868, Chushichi Yamanaka stayed overnight at the Residence. The next morning, when he went to extend his morning greetings to Oyasama, She said:

"Chushichi, a girl was born at your home last night. They are all waiting for your return. Hurry home to them."

Chushichi had not expected the baby to be born that soon, so he had stayed overnight at the Residence. Therefore, when Oyasama informed him of the birth he was half in doubt, but he acknowledged Her words, saying, "Oh, I see, thank you." However, when he met his son, Hikoshichi, on the way and was told the news of the birth, he realized fully the truth of Oyasama's words. When he further learned that it was indeed a girl, he was filled with awe.

二〇 女児出産




忠七は、未だそんなに早く生まれるとは思っていなかったので、昨夜もお屋敷で泊めてもらった程であったが、このお言葉を頂いて、「さようでございますか。」 と、申し上げたものの、半信半疑でいた。が、出産の知らせに来た息子の彦七に会うて、初めてその真実なることを知ると共に、尚その産児が女子であったので、今更の如く教祖のお言葉に恐れ入った。

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