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The Doctrine of Tenrikyo
Part 1
1 Oyasama
2 The Path of Single-hearted Salvation
3 The Truth of Origin
4 Tenri-O-no-Mikoto
5 The Divine Model
Part 2
6 Divine Guidance
7 A Thing Lent, A Thing Borrowed
8 On the Way to the Final Goal
9 The Yoboku
10 The Joyous Life

Doctrine 2 presents the contents of Chapter Two of The Doctrine of Tenrikyo as published by Tenrikyo Church Headquarters. The title of the chapter is:

The Path of Single-hearted Salvation

Content below is equivalent to pages 12 to 19 of the print edition. "Note" below refers to a footnote from the print edition.


The Service

To Tsukihi, all of you throughout the world are My children. My only desire is to save you.

Ofudesaki 8:4

Because of the desire from parental love to have all humankind lead the Joyous Life, God the Parent became openly revealed through Oyasama as the Shrine and, after disclosing the truth of all things, taught the marvelous path of single-hearted salvation.

Concerning the Service: never think that I have any other intention. I have only the single desire to save all of you.

Ofudesaki 16:65

From such parental love, God the Parent taught the single-hearted performance of the Service as the path to universal salvation.

I shall do marvelous things, the same as My beginning of this world.

I shall begin a Service which has never existed since I began this world, and assuredly settle the world.

Ofudesaki 6:7–8

The Service was taught by God the Parent with the intent to manifest once more the marvelous workings by which humankind and the world were created where there was no form, this time in the cause of the single-hearted salvation of humankind. Through the Service, the world will be reconstructed as the world of joyousness, which is the intent of God.

たすけたいとの心ばかりで           八  4


たすけたいのが一ちよばかりで        一六 65


めづらし事をしてみせるでな          六  7

またはじめかけたしかをさめる         六  8


The Service of the Kanrodai

As to the Service to be done, it is none other than the Service of the Kanrodai.

Ofudesaki 10:21

Thus, the Service is to be performed with the Kanrodai, the Stand for the Heavenly Dew, as center.

As proof of My beginning of human beings, I shall put the Kanrodai into place.

Ofudesaki 17:9

The Kanrodai is a stand to be set up at the Jiba of Origin to give proof that it is the place where humankind was conceived. It is shaped so as to represent the truth of human creation and growth—to symbolize the origin and perpetual development of humankind and the world.

かんろふだいのつとめいちゞよ        一〇 21


かんろふたいをすゑてをくぞや        一七  9


The Kagura Service

When God has accepted the sincerity in the minds of the ten performers of the Service,

Thereafter, I shall teach you all of the thoughts of God on every matter step by step.

Though the mind of God hastens day after day, to what avail if the ten performers do not assemble?

Ofudesaki 6:18–20

This Service, which God also called the "Kagura Service," is a reenactment in principle of God the Parent's workings during creation. Ten chosen Service performers wear their respective masks and symbolize by hand-gestures the principles of God the Parent's providence, moving in unison to the song and in harmony with the music of the nine instruments. Indeed, the Kagura Service is the means by which we return to the origin of human creation, restore its joy in the present, and invoke divine providence by uniting our minds in praise of the boundless grace of God the Parent.

心を神がうけとりたなら            六 18

神のをもわくみなときゝかす          六 19

人ぢう十人そろいなけねば           六 20


The Joyous Service

When all are assembled and quickly do the Service, as those close to Me become spirited, God, also, will be spirited.

Ofudesaki 1:11

When the Service performers perform the Service in harmony, each relying on God the Parent, they will become joyous and their minds will become one with the mind of God. Then God the Parent, accepting their spirited minds of unity, will also become spirited. Thus, the joy of the harmonious union of God and humankind will overflow.

Again, I impatiently await the coming Joyous Service. What it is, is the Kagura Service.

Ofudesaki 4:29

God also called the Kagura Service the "Joyous Service." Indeed, the Joyous Service celebrates the very joy desired by God the Parent and is our prayer for the attainment of it.

そばがいさめバ神もいさむる          一 11


なんの事ならかぐらつとめや          四 29


The Salvation Service

Any salvation whatever is all through the Service. If only you do just as Tsukihi says. . .

If your mind is sincere, Tsukihi will assuredly save you.

Ofudesaki 7:83–84

When the Service performers perform the Service joyfully as intended, God the Parent will accept their sincerity and will grant free and unlimited blessings.

This Service is the path of salvation for the entire world. I shall enable even a mute to speak.

Ofudesaki 4:91

Day by day, hasten to begin the Service. You will escape any danger whatever.

However serious your illness may be, you will all be saved by the Service done single-heartedly.

Ofudesaki 10:19–20

God also called the Joyous Service the "Salvation Service." It is the Service by which every prayer is answered.

月日ゆうよにたしかするなら          七 83

しかとうけやいたすけするぞや         七 84


をしでもものをゆハす事なり          四 91

いかなるなんもみなのがれるで        一〇 19

つとめ一ぢよてみなたすかるで        一〇 20


Fixing the natural term of life at 115 years

The salvation is not just to cure illness. I intend it to be a marvelous salvation.

What do you think this salvation is? It is to be free from illness, death, and weakening.

Ofudesaki 17:52–53

By means of the Salvation Service, God the Parent not only saves us from disease, disaster, and despair, but gives us the marvelous blessings, not known before, of freedom from illness, death, and weakening.

By this salvation given in accordance with the mind of sincerity, you shall be freed from illness, death, and weakening.

By this salvation, to fix the natural term of life at one hundred and fifteen years is the single desire of God.

Ofudesaki 3:99–100

After that, you may stay as long as you wish, without illness, death, or weakening.

Further, after the passage of long years, there will be no aging at all.

Ofudesaki 4:37–38

God teaches us that when we have all purified our minds and attained the mind of sincerity, we shall receive kanro, heavenly dew, by virtue of the Salvation Service. Whoever partakes of kanro will live one hundred fifteen years. Further, one will be allowed to live forever, if so desired.

めづらしたすけをもているから        一七 52

やますしなすによハりなきよに        一七 53


やますしなずによハりなきよふ         三 99

さだめつけたい神の一ぢよ           三 100

心したいにいつまでもいよ           四 37

としをよるめハさらにないぞや         四 38


The Service of universal salvation

What do you think this Service is about? It is solely to bring peace to the world and salvation to all.

Ofudesaki 4:93

If you quickly unite your minds and do the Service correctly, the world will settle.

Ofudesaki 14:92

Thus, the blessings of God the Parent called forth by this Service are not limited to the salvation of individuals from illness and trouble but are extended throughout the world to benefit humankind with bountiful harvests and lasting peace.

By receiving these blessings, we shall awaken to the truth that we are all brothers and sisters, equally the children of God the Parent. Then we shall come to respect and help one another, and the world will be reconstructed as the world of the Joyous Life where the minds of all people are united as one.

せかいをさめてたすけばかりを         四 93

つとめするならせかいをさまる        一四 92



The Sazuke

In addition to the Service, God the Parent taught the path of salvation from illness by means of the Sazuke of Breath and the Sazuke of Hand Dance.

Hereafter, however serious an illness there may be, I shall save you all by the Breath and the Hand Dance.

However serious an illness there may be, never say that it will not be cured.

Ofudesaki 12:50–51

The Sazuke, the Divine Grant, is the truth of effectiveness bestowed in the cause of single-hearted salvation on those whose minds God the Parent has determined as being sincere. Those who receive the truth of the Sazuke resolve to keep this sincerity of the day of bestowal for a lifetime and become Yoboku for the joyous construction. When Yoboku transmit the truth of heaven by administering the Sazuke, God the Parent accepts the true sincerity with which they pray and saves any sufferer from any illness by the free and unlimited blessings. The truth of the Sazuke, bestowed on the sincere mind pledged to single-hearted salvation, is a treasure for a lifetime and for eternity. With this truth, when Yoboku of God the Parent go far and wide in their mission, miraculous healings will occur one after another the world over.


いきとてをどりみなたすけるで        一二 50

これなをらんとゆうでないぞや        一二 51


The world will be restored to joyousness

Indeed, the Service and the Sazuke constitute the path of single-hearted salvation taught by God the Parent from a fervent desire to have all humankind lead the Joyous Life. Through them we can sever the root of illness and purify our minds; then the world will be restored to joyousness.

Thus, all humankind will come to praise the boundless grace of God the Parent. Our minds will grow steadily more joyous and spirited, and God the Parent, accepting our growing joyousness, will bless us evermore with divine providence. In this way, the joyous harmony of God and humankind will be attained, and a world overflowing with joyousness will come into being.

Sweeping away evils, hasten to save us.

All humankind equally purified,

The Kanrodai.






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