Anecdotes of Oyasama 134

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Anecdotes of Oyasama
Anecdotes of Oyasama.jpg
Author: Various authors
Date Published: 1976
Pages: 159 (English ed.)

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Anecdotes of Oyasama 134 presents the contents of "Recollections," a selection from Anecdotes of Oyasama, published by Tenrikyo Church Headquarters in 1976. The content below appears between page 109 and 110 of the print edition.

Text: English translation and original Japanese

134. Recollections

About 1883 or 1884, Tamae, granddaughter, and Moto, great-granddaughter, who was two years younger,'[1] appeared before Oyasama and begged Her, "Grandma, please give us a snack." Oyasama shaded Her eyes with Her hand and looked toward them, saying:

"Ah, Tama and Omoto. Wait a minute, dears,"

and She took something out from the small cupboard in the back and placed it in the palm of their hands. It was always sugar candies.

On another day, the two of them went to visit Oyasama as usual, and She said:

"Tama and Omoto, won't you two come here? Let me carry you,"

and She carried both of them on Her back. In their childlike minds both were impressed with the thought that their grandmother was so strong.

  1. Tamae was then seven or eight, and Moto was five or six.

一三四 思い出



と、仰っしゃって、お坐りになっている背後の袋戸棚から出して、二人の掌に載せて下さるのが、いつも金米糖であった。   又、ある日のこと、例によって二人で遊びに行くと、教祖は、



註 一 この頃、たまへは、七、八才。モトは、五、六才であった。

二 およつは、午前十時頃。午後二時頃のおやつと共に、子供がお菓子などをもらう時刻。それから、お菓子そのものをも言う。

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