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The Tenri Journal of Religion is an academic journal published by the Oyasato Institute for the Study of Religion.

Publication list

Issue number Publication date Articles
1 March 1955
  • Yoshinori MOROI: The Principal of Religion: On the Starting Point of the Science of Religion
  • Tadamasa FUKAYA: The Fundamental Doctrines of Tenrikyo
  • Masayoshi SHONAGO: The Philippine Islands as Viewed from a Religious and Social Standpoint, especially before the Introduction of Christianity
  • Ikken NATSUME: Various Phases of Revelation in Taoism
  • Takashi NAKAMURA: Report of the Visit of Inspection to Formosa in 1659
  • Chikashi KURODA: A Note on the Lankavatara Sutra
2 December 1959
  • Yoshinori MOROI: Stratum of Types in Religious Thought – Grasping the Religious Philosophy of Judaism –
  • Hitoo MARUKAWA: Sexual Observance as a Religious Rite in Japan
  • Hideo NAKAJIMA: The Conception of Death in Tenrikyo – Idea of Passing Away for Rebirth
  • Akinori OKUBO: The Problems of Social Work by Religious Organization – Some Selected Observations on the Salvation Army in Chicago –
  • Makita TOMINAGA: Outline of the Tenri Central Library – Especially on the Collection of Records Relating to Early Christian Mission in Japan –
  • Chikashi KURODA: Some Words Used in Padyalalitavistara
3 June 1961
  • Shozen NAKAYAMA: The Various Forms of Verbal Evolution in Tenrikyo Doctrine
  • Shozen NAKAYAMA: Woman’s Position Viewed by Tenrikyo
  • Yoshinori MOROI: Das Religiöse Glauben – Eine Untersuchung seiner sprachlichen Struktur –
  • Makita TOMINAGA: On Ascendonica Roman, A Kind of Type Faces Used in the Christian Mission Press in Japan in the 16th Century
  • Tomoji TAKANO: World-Wide Joyous Life
  • Hitoo MARUKAWA: On a Kind of Established Form of Invocation Peculiar Japanese Religions
  • Hideo NAKAJIMA: The Fundamentary of Tenrikyo’s View of the Salvation
  • Kunio YAMAMOTO: On “A Thing Lent, A Thing Borrowed” – With reference to disease –
  • Akinori OKUBO: On the Treatment for the Feeble-Minded People in Japan
4 June 1962
  • Shozen NAKAYAMA: The Doctrine and Practice of Tenrikyo (Part I)
  • Hitoo MARUKAWA: On Specific Votive Offerings in Japanese Religions
  • Tomoji TAKANO: I want to become such a man of the belief – Memories of Some Predecessors of Tenrikyo
  • Masao ISHIZAKI: A Sketch of the Religious Development of Incantation
  • Teruaki IIDA: Tenrikyo and Humanism
  • Osamu SUZUKI: Gilt Iron Muzzle of Mediaeval Japan and Its Foreign Analogue
  • Satoshi SHIONOYA: Sidney Gulick as a Missionary
  • Akinori OKUBO: Poor-Relief and Social Security System in Japan

An Introduction to the Tenrikyo Canons

  • Shigeru SERIZAWA: Ofudesaki
  • Hiromi NAGAO: Mikagurauta
  • Hideo NAKAJIMA: Osashizu
5 June 1963
  • Shozen NAKAYAMA: The Doctrine and Practice of Tenrikyo (Part II)
  • Hitoo MARUKAWA: Laughter of Gods
  • Hideo NAKAJIMA: On the Teaching of “Things Lent, Things Borrowed” – The Foundation of the Problem of Faith –
  • Shigeru SERIZAWA: On “Osatoshi” – A Problem of Conveying Teachings –
  • Teruaki IIDA: Tenrikyo and Humanism – Humanism and the Meaning of Corporality –
  • Akio KIMURA: Humanität und Religiosität in Hartmann
  • Akio INOUE: A Comparative Study in Buddhism and Existentialism
  • Satoshi SHIONOYA: Sidney Gulick’s Progressive Idea
6 June 1964
  • Shozen NAKAYAMA: The Doctrine and Practice of Tenrikyo (Part III)
  • Hitoo MARUKAWA: Doso-jin, a Syncretized God
  • Osamu SUZUKI: Cylindrical Amulet in the Shosoin Repository and its Affinities in East and West
  • Hideo NAKAJIMA: The Logic of Faith “Hinagata” of the Divine Model
  • Shigeru SERIZAWA: “The Sweeping of Dust” (Mental Purification) – A Problem of Conveying Teachings –
  • Yoshitomo HIRAI: Miyaza – On the Ancient Customs and Transition of the Privileged Rights of Rituals in the Village Communities of Japan
  • Akinori OKUBO: “Counselling” in Tenrikyo
  • Hiroyoshi KISHIMOTO: Herbert Read and Religion
  • Satoshi SHIONOYA: Some Problems of Christian Studies
7 December 1965
  • Shozen NAKAYAMA: The Anniversary of the Tenrikyo Foundress: Its History and Significance
  • Osamu SUZUKI: Chinese Stone Lions in Tenri Museum – A Study of Animal Art in China–
  • Toshio YAMAMOTO: Tenrikyo and Medicine – The Idea of Salvation in Our Religion
  • Keisuke KANEKO: Pilgrimage through Shrines and Temples in Yamato Province
  • Hideo NAKAJIMA: The Basic Structure of the Idea of Salvation in Tenrikyo
  • Chikashi KURODA: Goju-Soden (Quintuple Inheritance) – Initiation into the Arcana of the Jodoshu Doctrines –
  • Yoshihide MURAKAMI: W.H. Medhurst in the History of Chinese Linguistics
  • Teruaki IIDA: Mikagura-uta, Psalms for the Sacred Dance of Tenrikyo – A Trial Translation in French
8 May 1967
  • Shozen NAKAYAMA: The Doctrine and Practice of Tenrikyo (Part IV) – Concerning the Church –
  • Hideo NAKAJIMA: The Basic Structure of Revelation in Tenrikyo Doctrine
  • Keisuke KANEKO: On the Returning Home to “Jiba” – An Aspect of the Pilgrimage through Shrines and Temples in Yamato during the Meiji Era –
  • Teruaki IIDA: A Note on Humanism and Tenrikyo
  • Taketeru MATSUDA: Obiyayurushi (The Grant of Safe Childbirth) – Taboos in Childbirth in Japan and Relief by God the Parent –
  • Chikashi KURODA: Omizu-okuri (Sending of the Sacred Water)
  • Taketo HASHIMOTO: On the Consistency of Beliefs and Behavior – A Perceptual Approach to Religious Maturity
  • Satoshi SHIONOYA: Sidney Gulick’s Attitude to the Religions in Japan
9 October 1968
  • Hideo NAKAJIMA: Some Problems on the Idea of God in Tenrikyo
  • Teruaki IIDA: Idea of Evolution in the Creation Story of Tenrikyo Doctrine
  • Hajime HIRASAWA: Tenrikyo Followers’ Views of Disease Seen from Patients with Malignant Tumors
  • Shigeru MATSUMOTO: The Social Gospel in the United States and Japan – With Special Reference to Walter Rauschenbush and Kagawa Toshihiko –
  • Masao ISHIZAKI: Note on the Miwayama Mt. Cult
10 October 1969
  • Hideo NAKAJIMA: The Frame of the Logic of Faith – Based on Hinagata or the Divine Model of the Foundress of Tenrikyo –
  • Teruaki IIDA: The Concept of Progress in Tenrikyo
  • Yuichi SAWAI: The Methods and Task of Sermon
  • Tadashi KANEKO: The Ethical Meaning of Mikagura-uta
  • Shigeru SERIZAWA: Preliminary Note on the Exposition of Ofudesaki
  • Shigeru MATSUMOTO: The Meaning of Sacred Places, as Phenomenologists of Religion Understand It
  • Satoshi SHIONOYA: Sidney Gulick’s Missionary Work in Japan
  • Hitoo MARUKAWA: The Diffusion of the “Tenjin” Worship and the Development of Popular Ideas for Miracles done by the God
11 December 1970
  • Shigeru SERIZAWA: Systematic Description in the Ofudesaki
  • Yuichi SAWAI: A Memorandum on the Danjiai or “Discussion”
  • Keisuke KANEKO: The Growth and Development of Early Tenrikyo Churches in the Koto District of Shiga Prefecture
  • Hideo NAKAJIMA: On Some Problems in the Classification of Shinto
  • Hitoo MARUKAWA: Religious Circumstances in the Late Tokugawa and the Early Meiji Periods – Religious Backgrounds in the Cradle Years of Tenrikyo
  • Satoshi SHIONOYA: Kanzo Uchimura’s View of Missions
  • Chikashi KURODA: “Wasan” (Buddhist Hymns in Japanese)
  • Masao ISHIZAKI: The Primitive Cult of Kasugayama
12 May 1975
  • Toyoaki UEHARA: Mohammed, The Hero of the Consciousness
13 August 1979
  • Carl B. BECKER: Concepts and Roles of God in Tenrikyo
  • Taketo HASHIMOTO: The Teaching of Innen in Tenrikyo
  • Satoshi SHIONOYA: Tenrikyo’s Future Missionary Work
  • Bruce A. KIMBALL: The Problem of Epistemology in Japanese New Religions
  • Masaaki OKITA: Ancient Ritual – around the Excavations unearthed from the Furu Site in Tenri, Nara Pref. –
  • Hitoshi MIYAKE: One Aspect of the Japanese Idea of God – around the Kumano Gongen –
14 December 1980
  • Kazuta KURAUCHI: On the Story of Creation
  • Shigeru SERIZAWA: Missions as Seen in the Ofudesaki
  • Louise W. SASAKI: The Tenrikyo Sacred Dance – The Symbolic Use of Movement –
  • Makoto HIRAKI: On Prayers in the Tonghak-ism of Korea – A Religious Movement in 19th Century Korea –
  • John B. CARMAN: Comparative Religion: How and Why?

Supplement Volume

  • Louise W. SASAKI: The Tenrikyo Sacred Dance – The Song Text and Dance Movements –
15 October 1981
  • Kazuta KURAUCHI: Space and Time in “The Creation of Man”
  • Akinori OKUBO: A Study of Social Welfare in Tenrikyo
  • Taketo HASHIMOTO: The Kagura Service – Its Structure and Meaning –
  • Robert S. ELLWOOD: Models, Metaphors, and Religious Movements
  • Toyoaki UEHARA: The Shinto Myth – Meaning, Symbolism, and Individuation –
  • Haruo IWATA: Johannes Laube, OYAGAMI, die heutige Gottesvorstellung der Tenrikyo [Review]
16 October 1982
  • Akinori OKUBO: Social Welfare and Practicality of Hinokishin of Tenrikyo – A Proposal to the International Year of Disabled Person –
  • Katsuyuki SASADA: On Hinagata, The Divine Model of Oyasama
  • Toshio UENO: A Study on a Scribbling Diary Yorozu-oboe-Nikki, The Memorandum Diary – The Economic Conditions of the Nakayama Family in the Bunkyu Era
  • Pino MARRAS: Tenrikyo as “Mission” – Reflections from outside –
  • Teruaki IIDA: The Eschatological Thoughts and the Historical View of Tenrikyo
  • Harumi NAKAMURA: The Independent Christian Churches in Taiwan
  • Toyoaki UEHARA: The Shinto Myth – Meaning, Symbolism, and Individuation –
17 October 1983
  • Tadamasa FUKAYA: One Truth – The Principle of Unification and Salvation of the Human World –
  • Pino MARRAS: Man World God: Tenrikyo Anthropological, Cosmic and Theological Perspectives – Reflections from the outside –
  • Shigeru MATSUMOTO: On the Essential Significance of Oyasama – How we should become close to Her –
  • Bart STROUPE: Healing in the History of Tenrikyo, the Religion of Divine Wisdom
  • Hideo NAKAJIMA: Between Individuality and Self-Styled Faith
  • Shigeru SERIZAWA: Historical Facts Concerning Self-Styled Beliefs in Tenrikyo and Reflections upon Our Faith
  • Toyoaki UEHARA: The Shinto Myth – Meaning, Symbolism, and Individuation –
18 November 1984
  • Masao ISHIZAKI: A Historical Background of Yokigurashi (Joyous Life)
  • Kenji NIIDA: The Legal Environment Surrounding the Foundress of Tenrikyo – With Special Emphasis on Criminal Law –
  • Koji SATO: Salvation Through Tenrikyo’s Service (Tsutome)
  • Masaaki HAYASAKA: Issues surrounding the Official Recognition of the Religious Organizations of Tenrikyo and Konkokyo
  • Toshiharu MORII: “The Truth of Creation” – As an Identity of Man –
  • Hotshi MIYAKE: Revitalization of Traditional Religion – Belief and Practice of Gedatsukai–
  • Toyoaki UEHARA: The Shinto Myth – Meaning, Symbolism, and Individuation –
19 November 1985
  • Toshiharu MORII: “The Truth of Creation” II – Its Symbolism in Search of Human Identity
  • Shiro IKEDA: A Position from Whence the Remarkable Can Be Seen – An Introduction to the Phenomenology of Wonderful Salvation
  • Yoshitsugu SAWAI: The Providence of God the Parent – Toward the Understanding of Tenrikyo Cosmology
  • Taketo HASHIMOTO: Revelation and Oyasama
  • Matthew EYNON: Autumn Festival Floats of the Himeji Region as Vessels of Tradition
  • Toyoaki UEHARA: The Shinto Myth – Meaning, Symbolism, and Individuation –
20 November 1986
  • Hideo NAKAJIMA: The Formation and Trend of a Sense of “Restoration” – Between the Two Tenrikyo Doctrine: Old and New –
  • Shigeru SERIZAWA: Three Metaphorical Situations that Explain Salvation
  • Yuichi SAWAI: The Origin of Tenrikyo – With Reference to the Osashizu, the Divine Directions –
  • Teruaki IIDA: A Study on “God the Parent”
  • Masao ISHIZAKI: The Idea of ‘Four-Frontedness’ and Its Embodiment
  • Susumu MORI: A Study of Three Pilgrimages in Japan
  • Toyoaki UEHARA: The Shinto Myth – Meaning, Symbolism, and Individuation –
21 December 1987
  • Hideo NAKAJIMA: A Theological Understanding of "Virtue" in Tenrikyo Faith
  • Masaaki HAYASAKA: Tenrikyo under the Structure of National Shintoism – Double faced Aspects in the Development of Tenrikyo during the Lifetime of the Foundress –
  • Shigeru SERIZAWA: The Soul and the Parental Heart
  • Interview: The Overseas Mission of Tenrikyo in Its Early Stage
  • Hitoshi MIYAKE: Female Prohibition at Mt. Sanjo, the Omine Mts.
  • Matthew EYNON: Form and Function in the Japanese Mikoshi and the Chinese Chiaozu
22 December 1988
  • Akio INOUE: “Signs Coincided” and the Way of “Divine Model”
  • Shigeru MATSUMOTO: An Approach to “The Truth of Creation” (Moto-no-ri)
  • Masakazu TSUJII: Machinery and Cosmology
  • Interview: The Overseas Mission of Tenrikyo in Its Early Stage (2)
  • Hideo KANDA: Religious Thought of Nyoraikyo
  • Koji SATO: "Chao-sheng" – The Religious Ritual to Save Departed Souls in Taiwan –
23 March 1995
  • Teruo NISHIYAMA: Oyasama's View of Future
  • Mikio YASUI: The Structure of Salvation – In Connection with Shuji's Leg Trouble
  • Susumu MORI: The Influence of Historical Trends in Religious Studies: Methodological Change in the Studies of the Tenrikyo Religion by Christian Missionaries and Western Scholars of Religion
  • Carl BECKER: Mechanism and Features of Religious Healing
  • Akpenpuun DZURGBA: Social Implications of Religious Evil Signs: A Case Study of the Tiv People
24 March 1996
  • Shigeru MATSUMOTO: On the Truth of Innen
  • Shiro IKEDA: Returning, Rebirth, Departure: The Phenomenology of Returning to Ojiba
  • Yukie IHASHI: The Doctrinal Expression: Regarding the Word "Parent"/"parent" in the Osashizu
  • Masaru SOYAMA: Do not think where the paradise or the hell is. It is all in our mind.
  • Charles R. BOXER: Some Reflections on Macao, Nagasaki, and the Maritime Silk Trade in the Late 16th and Early 17th Centuries
  • James S. CUMMINS: Some Meiji-period Students in Victorian England
  • Kazuo MATSUMURA: Birds as Symbols of the Realm of the Sacred in Japanese Myth
25 March 1997
  • Fusato IHASHI: Harmony and Coexistence: The Viewpoint of Living in the World of God
  • Gen MIYATA: Creation and Salvation: A Study on the Tenrikyo View of Salvation
  • Taketo HASHIMOTO: Thoughts on "Only by Inspiring Everyone" A Part of the Tenrikyo View of Humanity
  • Susumu SHIMAZONO: On Contemporary Salvation Religion
  • Hirochika NAKAMAKI: Two Triadic Theories of Japanese Religions in Reference to Their Thought and Structure
  • Matthew EYNON: Japanese Modern Religious Manga: An Ancient Tradition in New Clothing
26 February 1998
  • Hideo NAKAJIMA: Denaoshi: A View That Goes beyond Life and Death – Tenrikyo Concept of Life and Death –
  • Satoshi SHIONOYA: Missionary Work and Churches: A Tentative Study
  • Yoshinori SAWAI: The Ethics of Faith
  • Yoshitsugu SAWAI: The Meaning of "To Be Alive": From the Perspective of Tenrikyo Anthropology
  • Hitoshi MIYAKE: The Idea of Nature in Japanese Folk Religion
27 March 1999
  • Yoshitsugu SAWAI: The Appellations of God the Parent: An Analysis of “God,” “Tsukihi,” and “Parent”
  • Yoshihiro ARAKAWA: A Study of the “Truth of Origin” and the Universe
  • Koichi CHAMOTO: On Missionary Work – A Study Based on Issues Relating to Entering the Faith
  • Masakazu TSUJII: Tenrikyo’s Missionary Activities in Modern Society – A Study Based on Church Statistics
  • Shigeru SERIZAWA: To Participate in Salvation: Tenrikyo Scriptures and Missionary Work
  • Yoshio YASUMARU: Popular Religions and the Experience of Modernity
  • Irit AVERBUCH: Dancing the Doctrine: Esoteric Buddhism in a Yamabushi Kagura Performance
  • Ikuo HIGASHIBABA: Making Sense of Christianity in Sixteenth-Century Japan: “Kirishitan” and Christian Symbols
28 March 2000
  • Kazuta KURAUCHI: Nakayama Miki and Human Science – The Quest for the Doroumi Koki
  • Atsuhiko YOSHIDA: The Beginning of the Cult of Mother Earth in Europe and in Japan
29 March 2001
  • Teruaki IIDA: The Family
  • Yoshitsugu SAWAI: Parents and Children
  • Midori HORIUCHI: Husband and Wife – The Root of the “Joyous Life”–
  • Masakazu TSUJII: A Perspective on the Use of “Brothers and Sisters” in the Osashizu: All Humankind as Brothers and Sisters, and Spiritual Brothers and Sisters
  • Takahiko HAYASHI: Reconceptualizing the New: Anesaki Masharu’s Writings on Religion and New Religion
  • Kazuta KURAUCHI: Nakayama Miki and Human Science – The Quest for the Doroumi Koki (Continues from the preceding number) –
30 March 2002
  • Takekazu MATSUTANI: The Truth of Origin and World Salvation
  • Saburo MORISHITA: A Reflection on the Body
  • Midori HORIUCHI: The "Foundation of the Path" and Woman- Women appearing in "Senjin no omokage" in the Michinodai-
  • Kazuhiro HATAKAMA: Society and Tenrikyo during the Meiji Period
31 March 2003
  • Masakazu TSUJII: The Development of Wisdom and Script: Environmental Issues and Scientific Technology
  • Yoshinori SAWAI: Mutually Respecting and Aiding One Another: Environmental Problems and Religion
  • Yoshitsugu SAWAI: Tsutsushimi is the Virtue, Tsutsushimi is the Broad Path: Environmental Problems and Ethics
  • Midori HORIUCHI: No Distinction Between Female and Male Pines: Environmental Issues and Women
  • Takanori SATO: From a Knot, Buds Will Sprout: Environmental Issues and Ecosystem
  • Panel Discussion: Environmental Issues and Tenrikyo
  • Hirochika NAKAMAKI: Company Funeral of the Corporate Founder: Panasonic and Sony
  • Matthew EYNON: Nioi-gake from a Cultural Perspective: Its Relation to Cross-cultural Missionary Work
32 March 2004
  • Akio INOUE: A Thought on the "Meaning" of the World of "meaning" - Tenrikyo Semantics
  • Hideo NAKAJIMA: "This Universe Is the Body of God: Ponder This in All Matters."
  • Shigeru SERIZAWA: "Your Lack of Understanding Is the Regret of God"
  • Charles H. LONG: Theory and Method for Religious Studies: A New Arche for the Study of Religion
  • William A. GRAHAM: Reflections on Comparative Study in Religion: "Scripture" as a Case in Point
  • Masako KETA: Modern Society and Philosophy of Religion
  • Susumu SHIMAZONO: Contemporary Religion and Religious Studies: The Concept of "Religion" in Post Axial Civilization
  • Yoshitsugu SAWAI: New Developments of the Study of Religion
33 March 2005

Tenrikyo Semantics

  • Koji SATO: Michi: Path
  • Yomei MORI: Yoki: Joy
  • Yoshitsugu SAWAI: Fushigi: Miracle
  • Midori HORIUCHI: Yamai: Illness
  • Akira KANEKO: Hataraki: Workings
  • Takanori SATO: Nioi: Aroma
  • Masahiko OKADA: Hokori: Dust
  • Shigeru NOGUCHI: Isami: Spiritedness
  • Kazuhiro HATAKAMA: Sekai: World
  • Yoshinori SAWAI: Kokoro: Mind
  • Gen MIYATA: Innen: Causality
  • Akio INOUE: “Human Faces” and The “Truth of Origin”
34 March 2006

The XIXth International Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions in Tokyo (March 2005)

  • Midori HORIUCHI: The Mikagura-uta and Tenrikyo
  • Shugo YAMANAKA: Acceptance and Development of Faith: Children Growing up in Tenrikyo Churches
  • Saburo MORISHITA: The Gray Areas of Guidance: Utterances as a Form of "Violence" in Japanese New Religious Movements
  • Hideo KANDA: The Birth of New Religions in Japan in the 19th Century and Traditional Cosmology
  • Akira KANEKO: Inter-religious Cooperation and Social Contribution Activities by the Federation of New Religious Organizations of Japan (Shinshuren)
  • Masayoshi KOBAYASHI: Forming and Evoking Bodily Memories through Oration Concerning the Learning and Performing the Process of "Yamabushi-kagura"
  • Kazuhiro HATAKAMA: Shinto and the Shirakawa House During the Late Tokugawa Period
  • Ikuo HIGASHIBABA: Christian Prayer in Tokugawa Japan
  • Kenzaburo MATSUDA: On Cogitatio and Zeitlichkeit in Augustine and Heidegger
  • Ikuo HIGASHIBABA: Reductionism in the Study of Religion: A Reflection on its Debates in North America
  • Yoshitsugu SAWAI: Constructing a New Bio-ethics from the Perspective of Toshihiko Izutsu's "Oriental Philosophy”
  • Yoshitsugu SAWAI: Texts and Their Creative Interpretations: Reflections on the Vedanta Philosophy as the Hermeneutics of Upanisads
  • Katsumi SHIMADA: "Religio" According to Nicolaus Cusanus - Apologetic Strategies in De pace fidei-
  • Masahiko OKADA: Report on 1. Buddha Dharma versus Buddhism: A Comparison between the "Vitalization Theory" of Inoue Enryo and the "Unification Theory" of…
35 March 2007

The Fifteenth Tenri Taiwan Academic Conference, Taipei, 2005

  • Yoshiaki MIHAMA: Exchanges between Tenri and Taiwan
  • Koji SATO: The Second Shinbashira Shozen Nakayama and Taiwan Mission
  • Chia-Fang KAO: A Century of Tenrikyo Mission in Taiwan: Its Reality and Future Prospect


  • Kazuhiro HATAKAMA: Images of Religion in Modern Japan: "Religion" as Recorded by Takase Michitsune and His Views
36 March 2008

Tenrikyo Cosmology and the Modern Age (Open Lectures on Tenrikyo Teachings, 2006)

  • Akio INOUE: The Truth of Origin and the Present Age
  • Gen MIYATA: Tasuke Salvation
  • Masahiko OKADA: Kagura-zutome Ritual: the Kagura Service
  • Shigeru NOGUCHI: Oya: God
  • Yomei MORI: Kokoro Hitotsu Wagari Mind: The Mind Alone is the Truth of Oneself
  • Takanori SATO: Kashimono Karimono The Body: A Thing Lent, A Thing Borrowed
  • Midori HORIUCHI: Denaoshi Death: Passing Away for Rebirth
  • Kazuhiro HATAKAMA: Hinokishin: Work
  • Yoshinori SAWAI: Jijo no Motsure Worries: Entangled in Troubles
  • Harumichi FUKAGAWA: Mijo no Sawari Illness: Physical Disorder
  • Yoshitsugu SAWAI: Futatsu Hitotsu Logic: Oneness in Two
  • Koji SATO: Kono Yo wa Kami no Karada The World: This Universe is the Body of God
37 March 2009
  • Koji SATO: The Everliving Oyasama
  • Motokiyo FUKAYA: Meaning, Ways, and Purpose of "Becoming Spirited"
  • Saburo MORISHITA: A Reflection on the Monthly Service Sermon: Some Preliminary Considerations
  • Sadamichi ASHINA: Contemporary Christian Thought in Ecological Perspective
38 March 2010
  • Yoshitsugu SAWAI: What Is the Perspective of Tenrikyo Theology?
  • Katsumi SHIMADA: Tenrikyo Theology as an Apologetics: In Light of Yoshinori Moroi's Viewpoint
  • Yoshihiro ARAKAWA: A Study on the Teaching: "This Universe Is the Body of God"
  • Yoshinori SAWAI: Oyasama's Attitude toward Teaching and Guiding
  • Shugo YAMANAKA: The Truth of the Everliving Oyasama and the Osashizu, The Divine Directions
  • Gen MIYATA: A Reflection on the Truth of "A Thing Lent, A Thing Borrowed"
  • Masato KATO: A Critique on the Study of Asian American Religion: In Reference to the Case of Japanese American Tenrikyo Followers in the San Francisco Bay Area
39 October 2010
  • Masahiko OKADA: New Historical Science and Studies of Tenrikyo's History: A Study of Tenrikyo Dendosha ni Kansuru Chosa
  • Teruaki IIDA: On the Themes and Tasks of Tenrikyo Theology: Learning from a Predecessor
  • Susumu MORI: "The Path of Single-Hearted Salvation" and "Spiritual Growth": From a "Trouble to a "Knot"
  • Harumichi FUKAGAWA: War and Peace as Seen in the Ofudesaki and the Mikagura-uta

Tenri International Workshop 2010 (March 26) "Life, Death, and Dying in Intercultural Perspective"

  • Midori HORIUCHI: Death from a Tenrikyo Perspective
  • Miran BOZOVIC: Death in Early Modern European Thought
  • Yoshitsugu SAWAI: Meanings of Life and Death in Asian Religious Traditions: A Semantic Perspective of Religion
  • Maja MILCNSKI: Death as a Soteriological Problem: Faith, Math and Reason
40 January 2012
  • Yuichi SAWAI: The Place and Content of “the Truth of the Teachings” in The Doctrine of Tenrikyo
  • Mikio YASUI: A Study on the Mind of Saving Others: An Outline of the Frame of Such a Mind
  • Yukie IHASHI: A Divine Direction Phrase “No Distinction Between Men and Women” and Its Content
  • Ikuo HIGASHIBABA: The Divine Word and the Divine Model: Beyond Otherness
  • Kensaburo MATSUDA: On the Truth of “A Thing Lent, A Thing Borrowed”–Tracing Prior Research
  • Ichiro SODA: Regions with High Density of Tenrikyo Churches
  • Midori HORIUCHI: Reexamination of the Family from a Standpoint of Tenrikyo Teachings
  • Yoshitsugu SAWAI: Religious Perspectives of Nature in East Asian Cultures
41 January 2013
  • Keiichiro MOROI: The Teachings Penetrated by the Truth (ri)
  • Hideo NAKAJIMA: Exploration of the Study of Tenrikyo Doctrine: An Interview with Professor Hideo Nakajima
  • Yukihiro DOI: “Restoration” Reexamined: Through Changes in the Musical Instruments
  • Mikio YASUI: Toward a New Type of Civilization
  • Barbara AMBROS: Nakayama Miki’s Views of Women and Their Bodies in the Context of Nineteenth Century Japanese Religions
  • Yoshitsugu SAWAI: Religious Diversity and Contemporary Societies: Toward New Perspectives in Religious Studies
42 January 2014

Public Theological Symposium Commemorating Professor Yoshinori Moroi’s 50th Memorial Anniversary

  • Yoshitsugu SAWAI: The Overview and Significance of the Symposium
  • Eisuke WAKAMATSU: Reading Tenrikyo Kyogigaku Shiron by Yoshinori Moroi
  • Keiichiro MOROI: Recollections of My Father
  • Teruaki IIDA: Prof. Yoshinori Moroi’s Academic Posture
  • Yoshitsugu SAWAI: Rev. Yoshinori Moroi’s Study of Tenrikyo Teachings and Its Development


  • Yoshihiro ARAKAWA: Towards the Understanding of the Truth of Origin
  • Katsumi SHIMADA: The Emergence and Development of Tenrikyo Theology: On the Significance of Sciences of Religion as Mediums
  • Sakuma SEMBA: American Prophet: Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Ikuo HIGASHIBABA: Studies of the Jesuit Mission Press in Early Modern Japan
43 March 2015
  • Kōji SATŌ: Letting "Buds Sprout" from "Knots"
  • Yoshinori SAWAI: Oyasama and Missionary Work
  • Masahiko ENDŌ: The Necessity and Tasks of "Theology" in Tenrikyo
  • Sayo SUGANO: The Meaning of "Single-hearted Talk"
  • Hirochika NAKAMAKI: Calendar and Religion
  • Susumu MORI: Gerardus Van Der Leeuw: His Life and Scholarship
44 March 2016
  • Mikio YASUI: Various Facets of Salvation
  • Susumu MORI: “Returning to the Jiba” and “Salvation”
  • Ikuo HIGASHIBABA: Salvation through Hinokishin
  • Emi MASE-HASEGAWA: The Mindset of the Nagasaki Crypto-Christians Retelling Biblical Narratives as Theological Performance
  • Koji FUKAYA: Religiosity and Methodology in Conversion Studies
45 ?


46 March 2018
  • Yū WATANABE: The Joy of the Beginning: A Study on the "Eight Verses of the Yorozuyo"
  • Jirō SAWAI: The Original Day of the Founding of the Teaching: A Study of "Zonmei no Oyasama," A Sermon by Shirobei Umetani
  • Saburō YAGI: Thinking About Disabilities: Issues Following Japan's Ratification of the CRPD
  • Yoshitsugu SAWAI: The Structure of Reality in Oriental Religious Thought: Human Relations with the Transcendent
  • Kōji SATŌ: "An Old Man Who Picked Mulberry Leaves:" Is It True That Whoever Dances This Piece Will Die Soon?