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(Roy on 2011 Jan 18)

  1. It may be possible to combine the Increasing Understanding and Increasing Accessibility subheadings into one.
  2. Contemplate whether or not if the About page takes the following into consideration (from e-mail from Lewis):

Email from Lewis:


As part of what I think should be clear about TR is accessibility in several aspects.

  • Accessible in that both followers and non-followers can read our texts from a neutral and unbiased (as much as possible) perspective; which is achieved through our NPOV policy.
  • Accessible in that the content is readable and easily comprehensible by, even, non-followers. Wikipedia allows people to put stubs (templates that alert users to improve the article in many ways. such as requesting a page to become more organized) on pages to urge writers to improve the pages.
  • Accessible in that content is organized, easy to find, and readily available to be distributed.

I have to apologize to not completely realize that this page already has my thoughts on Accessibility, but I figured that the redundancy of the single word would leave a greater impression on readers who want to understand the intentions of this wiki. Much like the five pillars of Wikipedia, Wikipedia had simplified their intentions into 5 distinct concepts that are easier to remember. The trouble is, we have enough tasks to run as it is. I think we can polish this part later, but I'm glad to see that my idea is left here to be referenced later. My thoughts on this aren't very complete enough to call for a lot of change, so for now, we should focus on other things because the message I want to convey is already established. Like you said, we shouldn't fret so much on the details. btw, you can add signature and date by clicking on the second button from the right. --Lewis Nakao 02:22, 19 January 2011 (JST)