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Translated entries from the Osashizu, March 1889.


March 10, 1889

Sah, sah, the journey along the path began fifty years ago. Originally, there was no muddy water. Listen and understand the truth of the original beginning. See the truth. I did not start it with a human mind. I did not make it in that way. I began it without consulting anyone. You say it is sunny today, or it is rainy today. But, if you can comprehend this principle, you can understand the truth with clarity. Sah, sah, it was with great difficulties that I began. There were many days when the people of the world said that the path would be demolished, demolished. There were also times when our work was nullified and we were stopped. Sah, sah, see the truth that I began after I had written with the writing brush concerning the 26th of January. Sah, sah, if you listen and try to understand the truth, reflecting on both the truth that I opened the portals of the Shrine on January 26 to level the world and the instances of things being taken away, then, sah, sah, you will be able to see the truth with clarity. If you have listened well, you would not be saying you do not understand. I have stepped out and am working to level the entire world. Surely, you have no doubt. Should you have any, though, ask! You are thinking that you cannot see God. Don't ever think that you cannot see God. Ponder the truth of the path, which began fifty years ago. God dislikes falsehood and flattery.[1]



21 23:00

March 21, 1889 (February 20, lunar calendar) 11:00 pm

Timely Talk:

Sah, sah, sah, sah, I shall begin to tell you something difficult, something difficult. Those who are close to Me call this place the Jiba, Jiba. It is because of the one truth at the Jiba, sah, sah, that everyone gathers here. They come to hear the truth which will put everything into order. Everyone comes to follow the path, follow the path because of illness. Sah, sah, with each of you the days have passed. As your understanding grows deeper, deeper with the passage of time, I nurtured you, nurtured you. People come to seek the truth. Thus has this one path crossed over many years. A difficult path, it led to delight, delight. Sah, sah, you must listen carefully to what I say. Your present delight is due to the existence of the one truth. They have gathered from near places and from far, far places. Sah, sah, I have entered into them and they run about throughout the country. The path has spread from here to there, almost everywhere. You have run about throughout the country, but sah, sah, you must see that I stand firm at the root. Because of the root, a flower will bloom. If this continues, some of you may worry that there will be problems, that you will suffer hardships. Sah, sah, you must understand well. Nothing will come of it. Whoever may oppose, nothing will come of it. There is no knowing how great a flood will occur. Sah, sah, you must keep your eyes upon the root which stands firm. Because of the root a flower will bloom. Remember the times when you faced difficulties and felt nothing could be done. If you fully understand this, you will understand the future. There are examples of complete devotion. There are examples of misunderstanding. This is yet a Residence of one cho square. Sah, sah, in a year you will wonder at the magnificence of My workings. Sah, sah, each of you do not think of how many years you have followed; with the passage of time, you must set your mind to devote yourself ever more deeply. It is true that members are increasing, but how many persons with such depth of devotion are there? Sah, sah, look at the path the first generation trod. It was a long path filled with difficulty. With the second generation there were difficulties of the second generation. As for the third generation, they will not have any difficulties. But human beings are shallow. You live for the moment of joy. You are shallow. You pursue your own enjoyment. This may do for the time being, but if you lose the merit of generations of virtue, you will be lost. It will not do. I ask you to understand well, each of you. You will find it difficult to convey My will to others daily. Your selfish minds are the cause for your difficulty. No matter how you devote yourselves, you will lose it all. You must understand this well. Further, you must convey this to all. Sah, sah, I ask you to convey this earnestly.[2]




31 09:30

March 31, 1889 (March 1, lunar calendar) 9:30 am

On the request for permission to use the Kagura masks and other instruments of the Service at the Koriyama Branch Church:

Sah, sah, on your question, listen closely or you will not understand. Upon one place after another do I bestow the one truth for the fulfillment of the path, arranging matters in accord with the world's path for the time being. On your sincere desire which you hold daily, listen carefully. Each of you must settle truth firmly. Your thoughts are that if this place and that place are the same they are one in truth. I grant truth to many places for the path. You think that those who perform the Service are one in truth. However, you must ponder the truth of those who perform the Service at the Jiba. The Jiba is the one place of origin. When people from all places devote themselves to the Jiba, truth will settle. If you understand the truth of those who perform the Service at the Jiba, you will understand that the use of the musical instruments at your church is completely in accord with the truth. Until now you have decorated your altar with the articles for the Service. I shall make truth clear. Among the articles for the Service which I have allowed you to use, there are some representing the creation of man. I direct that these be used only at the Jiba.[3]





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