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Musical Instruments
Fue Flute
Chanpon Cymbals
Hyoshigi Wooden clappers
Taiko Large drum
Surigane Gong
Kotsuzumi Small drum
Chanpon or cymbals

The chanpon ちゃんぽん or cymbals is one of the Narimono or instruments for the Service.

Cymbals are believed to have been introduced to Japan from China via India with Buddhism, as they were mainly used in Buddhist ceremonial music. The use of cymbals was later widely adopted by the populace in kagura dances and ritual music.[1]

Variant names

The name “chanpon” is assumed to have derived from the sound it makes. Depending on the region, the instrument is also called chappa, chakkariko, tebiragane, tebyoshi, and doboyshi among others.

Cymbals as used in Buddhist services are called dohyoshi 銅拍子 or nyobachi 鐃鈸.

Use within Tenrikyo

Chanpon are played on the upbeat (ura-byoshi) and are one of the instruments played during the daily services.

The cymbals resonate better when struck slightly off center.[2]


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